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    Fan Account of Air Marshall Shahid Latif becomes a disgrace

    ik opened his jail cell and told him to make a run for it chuthti nahi hai kafir munh say lagyee hui. it will take decades of non interference for us to believe any neutrality claims. fool me once shame on u. fool me twice shame on me
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    Fan Account of Air Marshall Shahid Latif becomes a disgrace

    I stopped following him when he voiced pro rco views back in April. I thought he claims to have been denied the acm position so he would be fair, but no. sub ko apna ullo seedha karna hai. it also shows that its not the individual but the system. as much as I still like paf, if they had the...
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    Adjutant General Branch Puts a ban on the Facilities for Veterans(VOP)!

    his mai baap dont like that. so hence the soft martial law.
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    Infowars conspiracy theorist Alex Jones should pay $45.2 million to the parents of a Sandy Hook shooting victim

    free speech, is without intervention from govt. you cannot yell fire in a crowded theater
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    Zardari is not ruling out another extension to Gen Bajwa

    when the master dines, he throws scraps to his dogs.
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    "Neutrals" guaranteed that crooked ECP Chief would remain unbiased - Imran Khan in interview with IRK

    most likely the one from across the border. their last cnc was of arab heritage, something aidroos. the ones that I have met are proud of heritage, which is a good thing to a certain level. but they take it to a different extreme. pata nahi kis tarha hajj per chalay jatay hain, warna kisi...
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    JUI-F running on Terrorist funding

    ab bilawal ki dari laga di. agar power source na ho, to circuit complete nahi hota. had ho gayee.
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    Imran Khan himself to contest by elections on 9 constituencies

    we can afford 30 million patwaris and jiyalas and army brass ka tarka.
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    The master piece tweets of Pervaiz Elahi

    Buzdar controls IK's establishment. Establishment always wins :p:
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    The master piece tweets of Pervaiz Elahi

    when a us president is on a campaign, he pays for airforce 1 charges through his campaign. since he is not on official business, but must be provided af1 as he is the potus.
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    Fazl says Imran’s removal saved Pakistan from breaking apart

    um-hareem has a d ? i dont want to know, how you know :p:
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    US to allow direct flight access to Pakistan

    polar route
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    US to allow direct flight access to Pakistan

    ya but for it to be truly profitable you need both sides. when it was operating. it was non-stop jfk--> lhe. but the other way always stopped at shannon and everyone was deboarded and rescreened and plane checked. because no one trusts asf to do its job. also in the 2010 a pilot flew a friend...
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    US to allow direct flight access to Pakistan

    highly doubt it. dad worked in pia at the airport. this was around the time that pia was a launch customer for 777-200lr which could do non stop to lahore. every time dhs came to check security the airports failed, due to holes in security. that was the reason that we never got a non-stop...
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    Pakistan's rupee sees worst month in over 50 years

    might not be the chemo we want. might be the chemo we need.

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