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    Will India supply vaccine to Pakistan? Seems so...

    Oxford Vaccine and India allowing its supply to Pakistan. I don't get it..
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    per Ajit Doval plan, Afghanistan approves setting up TTP bases at Pak-Afghan border

    Pakistan should kill shiv senas head. Simple.
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    No he doesn't mean that. He definitely means more than that.
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    @Hakikat ve Hikmet if you understand urdu... Covering body properly is necessary. By Burqa, Dr Sahab mean hijab and perda.
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    Finally, some power reforms on cards

    If we go in international court for bribing our officials, then they will beg us for a way out. We are simply not handling them the way they should be handled.
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    Finally, some power reforms on cards

    Local generation for each city. Two or three companies per city. Dams for water only.. That's the way to go. Power generation and distribution under local govt. Privatise it with monitoring.
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    Can Joe Biden ensure America’s inevitable decline will be peaceful?

    Joe is too old for that. Work in progress in background by way younger and energetic dudes.
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    It was 1993. BJP was a so so party... Please listen till last. @jamahir @Hakikat ve Hikmet if you understand urdu...
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    NAB would be two pronged "Tarzan" after Eid : Sheikh Rasheed

    And infite number of years too.
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    Accounts of 29 sugar mills: LTU Karachi ‘detects’ massive revenue leakage (A must read to understand how sugar mafia operates)

    My father also died while defending one of these sugar mills from harami tola in Sindh. Murdered. We never received his dues either. Such a lovely thing it is, isn't it?
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    Indian military personnel for Moscow soon for S-400 training

    Everything is halal on India at the moment, as India is doing some important work. As soon as these good times will be over, India will be used as a practice target.

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