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  • This is Internet dear! Here I have seen people who propagate the most henious of acts/comments against Islam and Prophet (PBUH). You and me can do nothing more than belittle thier comments, teach them what true Islam is, ignore their mis-deeds and comments and move forward. The best response is to be a role model of Islam and follow what prophet (PBUH) taught us. These critics and ignorants would soon find themselves isolated, humilated, down and out!
    I just read your response to my previous message, will come to that soon.
    As for the expression, I agree it was quite harsh but it was the only expression that fully defines the comments being made about Islam on that article you had quoted.
    For example, out of sheer ignorance, one man had written:"You do know that muslims are commanded by the Quran to destroy Christianity and Hinduism" Others I will not write since they contained comments that belittled Allah and Muhammad(SAW).
    For sure. Be at ease please. Ask what ever you want and PM me your questions.
    I am very interested in the psyche of an Indian muslim and I would like to ask you some questions if you don't mind.
    Seiko Dear,
    I replied to you very clearly. A vast Indian muslims majority has a clear cut opinion about Vande Matram as being ANTI-ISLAMIC in its present form. The stanza of the song clearly and un-ambigousely refer to Hindu Godess Durga. It is acknowldged by all relevent muslim scholar and religious bodies in India.

    The PROJECTED muslims by media, to which you are reffering to, are paid-ups at best ! Your claim would have some substance had you reffered to some authentic and credible religious muslim body or forum substantiating your claim. Nothing of that sort!

    Ignorance is a bliss, some time at least, as it look from your knowldge or claim, that some muslims you know, sing Vande Matram. Explain them the true meaning and Fatwas against it from muslim religous scholars and bodies and then ask thier reaction! You may get few surprises!

    As you say yourself SC has given a clear judgement about singing or not singing it. Fatwas are needed for the people who want to know what Islamic Sharia has to say in certain issue. Fatwa against or in response to validity of Vande Matram are issued keeping this point in view. Interpretation of Fatwas is a individual issue among muslims. But it seems that Fatwas, that are essentially meant for muslims specifically, have a considerable interest among no-muslims as well!
    you didnt replied me with any genuine answer rather than some smileys..you said all muslims were objected to it..and i just show you some consider nation rather than religion...not me or you cant speak of all the muslims in India..i respect your decision not to sing it,...its your wish..but claiming that all India muslims objection was clear and sound is little over i think..because i see many muslims sing vandemathram in my state with out any issue..it was an unnecessary controversy and should have been avoided..this song is only to show respect to motherland ..its not about worshipping or anything..anyway as Supreme court and our country stands for.those who wanted can sing and those who wanted dont want to sing..there is no need for Fatwa and all those stuffs..its rather a personal choice of individuals
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