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    Featured ATC announces death sentences in Baldia factory fire case

    What about altaph bhaee who is the real culprit.
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    Faiz Ahmed Faiz Shayari | Na Ganwao Nawak e Neem Kash

    What a poet what a man his poetry invariably reminds me of my youth there is something nostalgic about his poetry at least for me it is
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    India will have to make hard choices

    Very true
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    Gaming PC suggestion in 80k

    This configuration will cost you about rs 250000 in pakistan
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    Gaming PC suggestion in 80k

    wait a bit for ps5 or xbox series x
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    Can Muslims trust Hindus

    A nation full of historical anger and inferiority complex which in human psychology presents itself in form of superiority complex cruelty,bravado and intolerance cannot be trusted.
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    Nawaz Sharif joins twitter, confirms Maryam Nawaz

    choron ke barat
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    Featured Attacks surge in northwest Pakistan amid Afghan peace effort

    Their activities will end with the end of US Indian involvement they are at their last breaths.
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    Afghan air force a-29 super tucano

    The Final Countdown 1980
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    Afghan air force a-29 super tucano

    3 months time is an exaggeration
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    Giant planet the size of Jupiter found orbiting a dead white dwarf star

    not for long the dwarf is going to guzzle it up but it's a miracle that it survived the death of its star.