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    China seeks military bases in Pakistan

    Only the stupid believe such stupid articles. If China seeks military base in Pakistan bordering Xinjiang, then one in Aksai Chin would be equally effective, if not better. So what's the intention of such effort to fabricate an article based on such non reliable sources? Propaganda.
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    Top 10 future weapons of CHINA

    You could have better rebutted with proof of T50 having vertical serpentine inlets.
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    India hits China wall in anti-terror talks

    If India wanna play such a game (and yes it did and possibly will), don't complain. Unless India mounts enough courage to declassify truths on the 1962 conflict, dismantle some blinded nationalism and bulge its stubborn and unrealistic claims, thus solving territorial disputes with China (and...
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    India hits China wall in anti-terror talks

    China harbors not any terrorist; India does harbor separatists.
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    India hits China wall in anti-terror talks

    Read my posts. I've stressed inadequacy of evidence when I have to clarify what's stated in the report. This is why there's a veto. Stay on the topic. Accusing any government for not being morally clean or pure would be easy and endless. Read my posts again.
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    India hits China wall in anti-terror talks

    The US's consent means not that China has to agree; otherwise there's no need for five permanent members of the UNSC -- US alone will suffice. According to INDIAN media, China has explained to the Indian delegation technical requirements of the UN solution, which the Indian delegation has...
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    Chinese language now Compulsory in Sindh Province

    Better make it optional at the first move. I believe that learning 4 languages would be kind of overwhelming a burden for any child and the public education system. Though China and Pakistan are close allies for decades, there seems few reasons for the local politician to mandate Mandarin in...
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    Blast at Delhi High Court kills 11, injures 76

    RIP to the dead. I've heard news that there's blast in Pakistan too. Too bad a day.
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    India hits China wall in anti-terror talks

    Even ignoring the riots in 2008 in Tibet, non-violence justifies NOT the act of harboring an exile government whose aim is to separate Tibet from China, albeit under the guise of autonomy. Dalai Lama, in the eyes of most Chinese, is no more than a clown enrolled in CIA's payment list, and, when...
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    India hits China wall in anti-terror talks

    Like GoI, some Indian members, readily taking what might be plausible as credible, seem to ignore principles and mechanism by which a government is run and diplomacy practiced. It would be irresponsible and inconsiderate of any country to act on inadequate information and unverified allegations...
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    India concerned over military gap with China

    Guys you could have better jobs like training monkeys to use chopsticks or teaching parrots to talk rather than enlightening some viets here.
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    When did South China Sea become China's "core interest"?

    What I have to say, viet, is you don't have to corroborate what I have depicted as "unable to read to comprehend". As to that logic so simplistic and problematic as from a retard, I have my sympathy and am willing to say god bless him. Now can you understand?
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    When did South China Sea become China's "core interest"?

    Sorry. I failed to find words more proper for these creatures. Maybe you could come up with something more interesting for them? ---------- Post added at 04:36 PM ---------- Previous post was at 04:35 PM ---------- Too simplistic logic to be glanced at. My fingers crossed for you.
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    Dalai Lama misleads world on Tibet: China

    Mostly correct but incomplete, as far as DL is related; partly incorrect when India was related; but when placed in the backdrop of religion and politics, it's too simplified. ---------- Post added at 04:23 PM ---------- Previous post was at 04:22 PM ---------- LOL. Hide in denial and...

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