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  • yeah right ... aint tht why indian muslims are the poorest minority in india as per indian reports ? have another gujrat...
    Damn right fella, Most of the people here are either idiotic hate mongering jamaatis or idiotic hate mongering hindu right wingers. Frankly i stopped reading threads like "hindus should hate muslims" or "why modi should be the next pm" beacuse its enough to go against the "pakistani flag will fly over delhi" but the "Gandhi was an idiot and the sang Pariwar wasn't with the Mulslim League asking people not to support the congress and work with the british" crowd gets too much lol.

    Most of these people have grown up with just hindus or muslims,(I grew up in Delhi :P ) so when i hear "hindus are all rss" or muslims always support terrorists it makes my blood boil.

    Love having you around, keep well.
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