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  • Assalamoalikm!
    hey I wanna join it dears
    How can i do that??
    Is there any office of 4.7.4 in karachi??
    Do reply plz!!!

    If you are asking these question like this , then i am sorry you are not fit for ISI , no offense.

    What's wrong with my questions man??
    By any chance you work for a private UAV company in pakistan .. or have some info/contacts there.
    Kindly pm me

    i hope you are fine.
    brother i am going for PMA128 short course.
    plz guide me and give me some tips.
    hope you will give me a favorable response,
    Sir i want t join pakistan army and i want to know the whole detail of joining pakistan army. i am so fond of joining pakistan army but i want to know the whloe detail of joining Pakistan Army. i mean that also tell me the height and body fitness etc. my name is adnan riaz and i want to serve my nation as soldier.
    Assalam u Alaikum,

    I hope u'll be fine. I am facing an issue. I contacted my uni for the hope certificate; they said that they do not issue hope certificate to students, but can issue a bonified certificate showing my current academic status?

    Would it be of any use? because a bonifide certificate would show me as a last semester student having some credit hours left to complete the degree and not as a result awaiting candidate.

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