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  • hmmm..
    İn turkey
    everything is the same here in turkey
    F-35 trying to get the source code
    turkey as a guest member you're a Pakistani military to the forum you want to come.
    section should be okay in the English language we will open it anyway
    I have a project
    Pakistan's army is a section in our forum will open for the Indian army on there, you can write to share the information if you can learn about us, follow the news
    You can learn Turkish
    pakistan and india can not find any news about us'd love to hear them.
    please advise me the current inventory of the Pakistan army
    well here in Pakistan situation isn't to good,there is target killing,corruption,illetracy,poverty,bomb blasts(which are ment to target our security forces),and i dont know turkish but my english is good
    so how is the situation in turkey?
    yes yes .Turkey have political election.Normal.
    You're living in Pakistan.How to situations in Pakistan
    Do you know Turkish or it does not matter Can write in English
    I 'm turkey in a forum administrator.Come
    You can be my guests are
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