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    Our enemies rejoice as our government tries to push us further into Islamism

    If half what you said is true then Turkey should be fully destroyed by now since erdogan is leading it for 20 years but instead I see a rising global power determining its independent foreign policy Also someone who says Islam is bad and destructive should know there is 1.5 billion Muslims and...
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    Turkish Peace Operations in Syria (Operation Olive Branch) Updates & Discussions

    They distract from the Sirte operation Little do they know it is always a bad idea to push someone into a corner because they will get mad and do something irrational Mediterranean , libya , syria Turkey is being pushed on all three fronts by several countries ( greece , russia , UAE...
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    Turkish court rule supporting returning Hagia Sophia museum again Mosques .

    So because we will make few countries mad let us submit and do what they want Turkey is an independent sovereign country that is trying to build on it's own will and path Everyone will be angry no matter what you do ( the west is used to be happy with puppet regimes the second you stop being...
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    Turkish Missile Programs

    If it is a mock up then why cover it Defense fairs are full of mock ups on full display why cover them here ?
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    The Fight against PKK Terrorism

    Turkey definitely received something in return There is alot of background work going on right now
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    T-129 Atak & Turkish Attack Helicopter Programs

    I dont care about the looks or the design if it proves to be a badass killing machine that will roast terrorists with excellent efficiency
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    Developments and Turkish operations in Libya

    Italy is powerless against france and the rest of EU they cant act independently Italy and GNA cooperation is very limited to the migrant deal and some form of support that is insignificant considering the support actually needed ( support that a true ally should give ) Edit : for clarity I...
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    Developments and Turkish operations in Libya

    They either escaped or never existed or a secret deal was made The fact that Turkey managed to turn the GNA to a winning dominant force against a warlord that is supported by 5 countries in a matter of months is amazing that is also far from their borders with no land link WOW Russia with...
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    Turkish Economy - News & Updates

    This thread is a joke Some have been saying economy is dead or destroyed since 2016 ( after the coup ) But here we are in 2020, 4 years after and still nothing happened of what they say Even with the Coronavirus which is destroying everyone economy on a global scale TURKEY IS THE ONLY...
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    Turkish Oil & Gas Exploration Update & Discussion

    So what if it is pre election announcement It is an accomplishment either way or do you think it is not worth bragging about Exploration in Meditteranean and the government powerful position on it defending it is something positive and deserves notice and any discoveries made are worth...
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    Turkish Economy - News & Updates

    I really dont know why some people says we are out of money ,, because that is a lie pure and simple - major defense industry Researching projects worth billions ( where is the money coming from if we dont have it ) - Coronavirus response with a health system that proved more capable than that...
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    The Fight against PKK Terrorism

    Capturing them can prove way more beneficial - gathering information and intelligence ( enemy movements , command posts and positions , tactics , evaluation of enemy training and abilities,,,etc - creating double agents and embedding them - destroy enemy morale they dont even get to die as...
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    Huge Projects of Türkiye

    Istanbul Airport a huge success as it seems:- - Samsunlu said IGA’s passenger goals were also met in the first year and surpassed the International Passenger Income of 233.1 million euros. As a result, the airport made a 22.4 million-euro extra payment to the state. - Istanbul Airport marked...
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    Turkish Peace Operations in Syria (Operation Olive Branch) Updates & Discussions

    Again with you We didn't lose Look if you think fighting Hizbollah , Iran , PKK, YPG and Assad regime all at once with russian weapons supplied to them and no air cover beyond drones is the win in this scenario then you are an idiot Turkey goals in Idlib are : 1) stop Assad attack and...
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    Turkish Peace Operations in Syria (Operation Olive Branch) Updates & Discussions

    You say Erdogan was humiliated in Moscow here is your answer Some people here hate erdogan and Turkey sooo much that they drop any form of reason or honesty which is a shame really A leader who waits a couple of minutes before a meeting is not a big deal and can happen to anyone just because...

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