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    Have anyone taken the Coronavirus(Covid) Vaccine ?

    My whole khandaan got vaccinated
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    Are you already vaccinated against COVID-19?

    Everyone in my family got vaccinated except toddlers and babies
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    2021-2022 Budget

    Here ......
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    PIA pilots spot UFO over Karachi

    Pilot ko bolo dekh ke chalaaye .. warna aagay chalaan ho jayega
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    Kernal ki Biwi Season 2 - "Burger kay Papa"

    mein tera bandobast karta hoon ... kindly also comment on this line ...
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    Need gaming mouse under 5000 pkr

    Cable can be easily repaired ...........
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    17-year-old dies from coronavirus after being rejected from urgent care for lacking insurance

    This happens when a country has private insurance companies
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    Weired PTCL Problem. Help needed.

    Disconnect the PTCL connection .. and go for local fiber cable connection .. super cheap in our area ( Saddar Karachi ) . Rs 1500 100 MB connection .. UNLIMITED Downloads
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    India's image abroad at it's worst : S Tharoor

    after that they'll become DALITS and untoucables :D
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    Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 and Redmi Note 8 Pro officially launched in Pakistan

    every phone which is sold officially is PTA Approved phone .. problem only comes in Smuggled phones
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    India admits downing own copter during air battle with Pakistan

    Indian forces appear to have had a panic attack on February 27 when Pakistani warplanes mounted a bold punitive assault in Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK) to avenge a botched airstrike attempt by Indian jets a day earlier. Pakistan Air Force (PAF) jets flew into IOK in broad daylight, locked...
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    What's your favourate soup

    Corn soup with Boiled Eggs :D

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