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  • As about a pope's power, well, isn't he is now having a conflict with Chinese government about the control of the Catholics in China? So for those Catholics, do they put their loyalty to the country first, or to the pope first???

    Historically, The king of England broke away from the Catholics church due to the pope's interference. Do not just blindly say religion does not interfere a country's internal affairs and cause problems for the impacted country.
    BTW, you clearly do not understand some religious figures use religion to incite social unrest. Many religious people put their loyalty to their religion first before their own country.

    A simple example, the catholic church has indeed done a great deal of "work" in poland before the change of color for poland. You clearly lack historical knowledge.

    Historically, catholic church has incited the crusades many times.

    In addition, OBL has incited muslims in various countries to use violence to overturn their own governments and join his terrorist organizations.
    So you have anything against Chinese government???

    Our Law is clear. It applies to all religions, not only just your muslim religion. China is an atheist country. Majority of Chinese support our Law and its realization.

    As I have said, you do anything against our law and you will bear the consequence. As clear as that.
    Don't tell me "talk to the Chinese government" when you are defending it yourself. There is NOTHING a Muslim does to worship God that is against Chinese law. PLEASE give me an example. And please don't act like this religious oppression is only in government institutions, it is well documented you restrict Muslims and Tibetans from practising their religion in general and do anything to make it harder.
    Of course it is realistic. Clearly you know nothing about Islam and Muslims you are just spewing government propaganda. Let me teach you something.
    First Prayer: Early in the morning when the sunrises - no problem here, most people are asleep.
    Second prayer: Noon - most Muslims pray during their lunch break. Since when do you care how people spend their breaks? I know in China there may be no such thing as "break" as you make people work like slaves, but in most civilised countries workers are given breaks.
    Third Prayer: Evening - This is probably the most challenging but generally people finish work at this time round 4-5pm.
    Fourth - Sunset - People at home.
    Fifth - Night - People are at home.
    You are talking complete and utter nonsense. There is no conflict between observing religion and being loyal to the state. China is not the only country that has an "atheist" government, it is called secularism, and most countries are secular. How on earth does someone's belief in God interfere in government business?? A Pope can't tell someone to do something that is against the law, or he should be arrested first. This is a very stupid argument, religion is something personal not like an organisation where you take instructions from a leader.
    I don't undertand you, how does a person praying 5 times a day against Chinese law? :s Praying just takes less than 5 minutes and can be done on his own personal time. There is nothing in modern law that a practising Muslim can't obey. Many Muslim countries already ban having more than one wife. Why do Chinese stop muslims attending Friday prayer? You are just making excuses to oppress muslims and you chinese have no respect for other people's culture or religion.
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