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  • I not heard abt that book but if want to read basic immunology better try ELI benjamini , if u need picture representation means try TALORO AND TALARO. Those are famous book even u can try mckee or NMS basic immunology (for quick learning)
    First of all try to understand the nature of syndrome. AIDS is cumulative form of disease wic ranges frm fever ,cough, TB, retinal ,neural ,kidney ,pneumonia problems . For all type of disease first line defense used to take action which termed as innate immunity otherwise u can call as inborn like mucos or lacrymal gland(or tear gland) . If that mechanism failed means B cells come to the picture ,if it can't neutralize the antigen T cells will aid protection the ultimate protector is Tcells. But some disease neutralise at first level or it came up to Tcells. wat I am trying to say is if somebody affected by AIDS means we can improvise the action B cells by immune booster wic may or may not cure the respective disease its depends upon genetic make up and degree of HIV.
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