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  • I am sorry fkr the harsh language but this is the only language that shuts them up
    In any infections the cells start commit suicide or deteriorate or might be in stress ,all it happens becoz of huge imbalance between oxidants and pro0oxidants and it affect the redox status badly so VitaminE acts as antioxidants and helps in aid production along with interferon. Then talked u abt monoclonal bodies flu ,Hepatitis story everybody knw if vaccination comes only B cell will respond and reside as memory cells( I put wic after moab that's y u confused its simple thing to correct it). Then u always talked abt AIDS immune booster , u think that all the drugs/immune booster using for HIV positive persons is different frm normal ones actually its not true. There is no much difference in treating normal disease and Opportunistic disease all depends upon immune response (genetic makeup) and degree of disease. I am retreating in my argument ,still if u refuse the facts and blaming at me it purely ur problem. enuff said byee....
    Are u insane man??? you told that I did some chest thumping??? wic means I am arguing without evidence is it fair??? u told both cellular and humoral immunity will be affected in AIDS so there is no possible of B cell story. To disprove the ur statement I posted the NPG have u read it or not???? and I also mentioned HIV prime target is T cells later AFFECT whole immune system during this time B cell will be functional and may need immune booster to neutralize the disease. You r not understood wat I am saying then brought PD which the prime target is midbrain and straitum then it will affects whole brain but u brought some immune booster story to neurodegenerative disease wic is irrelevant.
    In polio thread ,somebody told our govt. distribute free drugs to AIDS affecting persons. You replied that there is no drugs for AIDS. I told that fellow try mentioning drugs which alleviate the severity of AIDS. Here I am not find any kind of chest thumping????.

    If u want the ans read my post again it will implies y I brought AD and PD here ,see I never mentioned immune booster for above disease. Only u fabricated the stories.
    I think u can't able to understand wat I am saying , I explaining in one context but u understood in different way eg: PD and AD , Vitamin E ,inteferon concept , vaccines for flu and hepatitis ,mono/poly clonal antibodies I don't knw u deliberately dng or not? . Usually I wont talk without evidence last time the source is frm NPG ,I knw more updates than u people.
    I thought ur a medical student u able to understand the story of PD and AD ,but u understood in different way. In Parkinson's disease mid brain and striatum regions of brain get affected in later stages it will affect the whole brain thereby worsen disease conditions further likewise In AIDS it will affect T cells then other immune cells. u stated earlier that both cellular and humoral immuntity get affected during HIV infection even I am also agreeing with u but It will happen in time dependent manner not instantly.

    B-cell depletion reveals a role for antibodies in the control of chronic HIV-1 infection : Nature Communications : Nature Publishing Group
    I think you want prove that I am wrong. Have heard abt attenuated vaccines ,monoclonal antibodies wic having the tendency to control some opportunistic disease like flu, hepatitis etc infections. Vitamin E along with gamma interferon administration will improve B cell action there are many ,those supplements depends upon mode of infections.
    I already told that supplements depends upon the degree of the disease. HIV prime target is T cells in later stages it will invade/paralyze other immune machinery including B cells ,NK other phagocytic cells. In this case the only hope is B cells ( also memory cells) for some sort time in that situation if the HIV INDIVIDUAL affected by some bacterial infections that can treated by using normal immune booster and may helpful to avoid the recurrence of infections.

    It also applicable to neurodegerative disease like Parkinson's and Alzheimer's diseases.
    I don't knw wat u talk abt ,do u knw wat is a immune booster??? hw its acts?? hw the those cell decision making occurs??? hw the viral infection come to the pics?? why not bacteria ? which will be neutralize by B cells?? that's is real problem with medical students , incomplete knowledge in everything.
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