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  • Hi,

    I must admit that your posts follow a very high standard of discourse.

    Keep up the good work.



    I have already send you an e-mail but I think you haven't check it yet! :) And yes, I have read the replies. Many thanks.

    Best regards
    Hey wandering if youd like to join Australian defence forum:)

    You can join by click the "world defence network" on the top left of screen.
    I'm sorry I have to reply you here because I can't PM :( . Please let me know if something is unclear. Actually I have three more related queries which have been in my mind since last year. But I didn't forward you those so that you can focus on one. Now I think I will also forward you those queries too because I think this way you would be to handle them more effectively. There is no hurry. You reply to them whenever you feel like and whenever you have time. I'm extremely thankful you all your guidance. Good people like you make this world a nice place to live in otherwise it's full of junk!

    Best regards
    Thanks a lot for the PM. Unfortunately I wasn't able to reply using the PM system. I don't know what to do next. If it's possible please forward me your e-mail address. Do I have any other alternative?! If you don't want to share your ID then it's fine. I'm grateful for your help and consideration.
    Hi Ejaz

    I hope you are fine. I want someone's help with a certain sensitive topic and due to the sensitive nature of the topic I don't think it would be a good idea to start a thread here. Of all the people I know I think only you can help me if you have enough information on that topic.

    I wanted to send you a PM but because my post count is less than 700, therefore this feature is not available to me. If you don't mind, then please you send me a PM, then I will let you know how we can interact. Thank you.

    Best regards
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