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    Turkic World Photos/News/Discussions.

    Were my posts deleted?
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    Arab Tank Concept

    Do you actually think that's offensive to Arabs? Come on man, The camel jokes got old a 1,000 years ago. Be a little more original.
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    Tunisian Armed Forces ( Pictures & Videos )

    Come on Hannibal, you know it's impolite to answer a question with another question. In all seriousness, that's what I'm asking. You guys did some recent exercises with the U.S recently so maybe there was something I missed.
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    Egyptian Armed Forces

    Rheinmetall proposing Oerlikon Revolver Gun Mk3 to the Egyptian Armed Forces The remotely controlled air defence gun is considered a flexible solution against multifaceted targets. integrated into the 35mm platform are a tracking/sensor unit with X-band tracking radar and electro-optical...
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    Tunisian Armed Forces ( Pictures & Videos )

    Any new equipment acquisitions my friend?
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    Turkish Politics & Internal Affairs

    mate, they literally explain why directly under the title of the article. "Post-Fukushima safety measures doubled costs for Mitsubishi and partners" It was too expensive for Japanese companies due to the new restrictions made by the Japanese government.
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    Turkiye will totally change the rules of game in region: TF-X MMU Stealth Fighter

    Interesting... Is there any reason why Turkey needs 5th Gen fighters so soon? Maybe it has something to do with Israel and it's F-35s.
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    Half of 17-35 year-olds not fit enough to pass initial Army selection, chief of defence staff reveal

    Why would the UK army need to increase its military force? Is it planning on deploying even more troops to the Baltic front also?
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    Turkic World Photos/News/Discussions.

    Hulagu Khan was a Mongol and a spineless piece of garbage, the moron could only destroy science and knowledge and culture, not make it. The only reason why he was able to sack Baghdad was that they were too busy with science and culture. Genghis Khan’s armies were said to have killed 1.6...
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    Egyptian Muslim Girl Killed After Racially Motivated Attack

    Such a shame that Britian doesn't have the death penalty like in America or Egypt.
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    Rise of violent Buddhist rhetoric in Asia defies stereotypes.

    You are aware of what forum you are on? @waz @Horus Yeah, no. Come up with a more original insult.
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    Çay Bahçesi

    I believe you are referring to Zainab... correct? this story of her marrying his adopted son has been vigorously rejected by most Muslim scholars mainly because of its lack of having any chain of narration and its complete absence from any authentic hadith. Also, mistranslation might have also...
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    Çay Bahçesi

    Wow, all Evangelist talking points... have you converted to Christianity, my friend? In fact, "Allah" is simply the Arabic equivalent of the English word "God." It's a contraction of two words, the Arabic definite article "al" (essentially equal to English "the") and the Arabic noun "ilah,"...