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    Turkey"s future lies with Europe

    This is just Erdogan day-dreaming. Unless he gives up his neo-Ottoman dream, the EU will never accept Turkey.
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    Defeat haters in France - Peaceful ways to make French Respect Islam

    That's the traditional scholarly account of the decline of Islamic science and philosophy. However, now there are many disputes about it. It is even disputable whether Islam indeed had a decline around the late middle ages, or if that decline happened much later, which if it's the case would be...
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    Featured Pakistan to lead the way for evolving joint strategy against Islamophobia: PM

    I don't think the EU model is feasible for Muslims. Each Muslim country has its own geography, culture and neighbors. It's nigh impossible to integrate the economy of all Muslim countries. The EU can do that because they share the same geographical region as well as no significant sectarian...
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    China orders 121 more Russian helicopters

    China can make small to medium-large size helicopters, such as Z-9, Z-10 and Z-20s. China is still developing its own large helicopter. Plus, Russian helicopters are highly reliable and battle-proven. Not a bad idea to buy some to learn.
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    Analysis: The days of 8% GDP growth for China are closer than expected

    The more than 8% growth in 2021 is largely due to the relatively low growth (~2.0% per IMF forecast) this year. It's hard to imagine that 8% growth can last. For the next decade or so, a relatively reasonable growth rate would be around 5%.
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    Why Vietnam wouldn’t mind if Trump loses to Biden

    Vietnam is strategically important to the US. The US can use Vietnam to curb Chinese influence in South East Asia and the South China Sea. On the other hand, Vietnam needs American investment to boost its economy as well as US market to boost its export. This is why US-Vietnam relations are...
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    Why Vietnam wouldn’t mind if Trump loses to Biden

    No matter who wins, American policy towards Vietnam is unlikely to change.
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    Featured Pakistan to make studying Holy Prophet’s life in Grade 7-9 compulsory

    Isn't it compulsory now? What do Pakistani students learn at school about religion?
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    One has to admire the strong will and ability of Hamas

    No, they have nothing to be admired. What they are doing is stupidity. They damage the image of Palestinians and play into the hands of Israel. Does any of their actions actually help Palestinians on the ground? No. Their despicable terrorist actions just give Israel more excuses to crack down...
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    Featured Pakistan to lead the way for evolving joint strategy against Islamophobia: PM

    There is only one way to overcome Islamophobia at the fundamental level: building a modern Muslim country with an advanced economy. So far no Muslim-majority country has come even close to this. Prove that Islam can be modern, that Muslim countries can run sophisticated economy as well as...
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    Govt Should Establish STEM Schools to Enhance The Quality of Education: Fawad Chaudhry

    Rather than placing the hope on everyone being able to study science in English, Pakistan should endeavor to urduize its curriculum. Science can be taught in Urdu an should be, because that's the language of the masses. Anglocentric curriculum only benefits the elites.
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    French boycott Takes momentum in Pakistan!

    It's still alive in Syria. And Egypt to some extent. But these two countries are not nearly as influential as in the 1960-1970s.
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    French boycott Takes momentum in Pakistan!

    Then they should be better informed to know that India today is not that of Indira Gandhi. Back then India was leftist. Now it's right-wing.
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    French boycott Takes momentum in Pakistan!

    I agree with most of what you've said. If Pakistan can get something in return and the cost is small, then it's just normal diplomatic maneuver. But I'm curious, why are Palestinians pro-India?
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    French boycott Takes momentum in Pakistan!

    And to be honest, I feel like Pakistan IS getting something in return for its support for Turkey. We just don't know it yet. The MILGEM class warship might be one of them.

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