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  • Yep, understood.I thought you are one of those ultra nationalist people who still hate Pakistanis and Pakistan for 71 but cleared my misconception now.I could not agree more with you.Pakistan must finish Taliban cockroaches.You can have a strong military by having a strong economy.I would allow China style system in Pakistan as long as we can build strong economy.To hell with democracy as our leaders are chors and military people are not any better anyway.Some Pakistanis who support Taliban don't realize that talibans can't do ****.They will be bombed from 10 thousand feet but if Pakistan build strong economy then automatically strong military and more population.Unfortunately, some people don't realize that Islam needs more educated Muslims and modern science education so Muslims can compete with west.The guerrilla fighting can not cause much impact on India as they can afford to fight it.Honestly, Pakistan is not in too bad condition vis-vis india military but the gap will grow too far if our economy does not recover.
    East Watch, I am deeply offended by your posts in which you call Pakistan terrorist country.I've decided to ask you simply to refrain from doing it again instead of reporting to mods.
    Eastwatch - you're doing great. Much knowledge, information and wisdom and courage, has come to us on this site because of you.
    I was down for a while, pc crash, and decided to stay put - because of the peace it gave me.
    I can't pm you - pls have your 'pm option' open in your profile page.
    btw - are you still in Tokyo?
    Sir, As far as Balcochistan issue is concerened.Trust me that insurgency cannot break Pakistan.The insurgency which could do it was TTP which have been largely taken care off.You see we have too many problems and thanks to our crazy politicans india leave no chance to exploit it.In fact, If it was not for Pakistan India would have been ruling South Asia with iron fist today.Pakistan is the only country which stands upto India but thanks to US India is also trying to mess with China which will cost them alot!.
    From Bangladesh to Balochistan : #13

    good post sir. changed my view about Bangladesh.

    Best of luck for your Country.
    Dear Al-Zakir, Wa alaikum assalam. Thank you for your kind words. I have lost all my love for any of the treacherous political Parties of BD. AL or BNP they are all Munafiqs. Do you remember the Indian Bajaj CNG purchases by Mr. be-Huda minister? One lakh taka units were sold at five lakhs by his company. BNP even neglected power and agriculture sectors. BNP was for importing food from India instead of developing BD agriculture. Now-a-days, I do no more trust any political Party.

    So, if I am an anti-AL, then I have also become anti-BNP. In my posts I will say only the neutral and positive words. However, I also would like to add that BNP is not that Indian Chamcha as AL is. AL is a born Dalal.

    Thank you EW, OK the water part is just too technical for me too. And yes I do agree with you that we cannot let down our guard on it - we should also be careful not to give away too much in return for its nonconstruction. Do you see what I mean.
    Not that we see it as a big favor to the AL Govt by India for scrapping the Tipaimukh project. What India will do will still be in its own interest without regards to our concerns.
    If worst comes to the worst, we could always blast the Tipaimukh which is just a km from the border. Just a Tokai or two will do.
    Good wishes
    India wants us agitated and confused over this Tipaimukh issue - a Dam they will never construct in the first place.
    And in the end extract transit and whatever facilities they want in return for not constructing a phantom Dam. Do you see the web of deceit here??

    BTW, is that you Delta?
    Um, just curious.
    Salam and welcome to PDF brother. So far I like your post thus strengthen our point of view against Indian and it's dalal in our land. I appreciate your posts. Please keep it up and also if possible, try to introduce your self on the "member Introduction thread".
    Just a word of encouragement and caution to u that this is a prelude to a long drawn out battle for our survival, with the promise of bigger things to come.
    You will indeed hear much from them that will hurt and offend you. just bypass those to hit them where it hurts most. Read the Sun Tzu's 'Art of War'. There is a documentary on it as well. If u cannot find it let me know I shall hv the link sent to u.
    Good day to you
    Why don't u open a new thread -WATER WOES - and explain this in your own words, which should be so much better than I can.
    I wud also like u to do a feature on our Padua- Roumari encounter and lets term this as - LEST WE FORGET - the point is to remember and honour those of our brave people who fought and fell and that they are deep in our hearts, even if our Govts have not honored them. You may not have all the names of those who fought then. But I am sure others will fill it up. PM me if u need to know anything else.
    Good Luck to you
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