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  • salam and wish u Happy Eid Mubarak. i have just joined this forum. I hope i shall have good time with u.
    one problem created by asim aqil he deleting my post title is
    for the sake of 6 September
    is he have an authority to doing any thing
    Sir me saying that how did u think that u r eligible for this job?it's good to some extent but how can we discuss our ideas to especially indians?
    whenever i post any mesage to any member one sentence automatically added in it and its that THIS POST IS MODERATED. what is this?
    Dear webmaster:

    I think there is a serious need for putting some kind of leash on the behavior of some of the moderators. Please remember that readers and participants are your customers and customers are always right. The success and failure of this forum will be dictated by readers and participants. I have seen time after time that some of the moderators behaving in an arrogant and abrasive manner. A reader or participant can be arrogant on occasion but not a moderator. They should be judged to a higher standard.

    The role of a moderator is to moderate and not to take sides and get into debate or discussion. I find it very amusing that how they stay in hibernation mode. Then suddenly one of them wakes up, deletes few posts, bans one or two members, gets into a heated discussion with a member, shows arrogance, threaten to ban him or her and then goes back in to hibernation mode.

    I hope you would look into the matter and set some kind of guidelines for them.
    on thread “In A Plane With Pervez Musharraf’s Mother” on (09-10-2009) @ 854am and 856am, I don’t remember posting there at that time and date
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