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  • Thanks, I appreciate it. See if we play the blame game or act funny it will make our friends, our enemy as well. I ignored you once if you remember when you took on me for no reason and even Jako would feel that too iam so sure. But it's all kool we are humans and make mistakes. See you around. TC
    I got banned for 2 days budd...,...hey heard neo and ds quit def.pk???....shocking...
    I think I lost a message along the line. You mentioned the Flinders Ranges. Yes I have been through there. It is a very lovely place. You just don’t go walkabout in the summer there.
    To enjoy the Flinders you have to spend several weeks just moving from place to place and camping out. There are several places about, usually the pub, post office and petrol station, actually all one building. The worst thing with anything to do with the Australian outback is getting lost. People manage to do that easily. I have not worked out how they do it yet.
    I was travelling through the Flinders once with a friend. He had no idea where we were most of the time. Luckily I had a geological map and did all the navigation based on rock types and formations. Easy stuff is you know how, and know your geology.
    One day I am considering riding through the area on horse back. A lot quieter and should be more fun. I just have to find someone as crazy as me.
    No kidding a sight seeing horse is a real pain. You can not tie them up in the float because the spend ages untying the lead rope and then keep twisting and turning to look out the windows. Some times it simpler to back a horse in so they look out the back. Scars the sh1t out of people following you.
    Small towns, nice places but you parents get to hear about everything you did wrong before you get home.
    Small country towns do have benefits even now. But you have to go to big places eg Sydney for heavy medical issues.
    In my case I have to travel 400Km just for an endurance competition as they don't hold then locally they are all down in Adelaide. 400Km hauling horses is not fun, especially if they are sightseers. (a horse that insists in looking out every window in the float).
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