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  • yes..but that doesnt ome along with a senior members package:P...everyone or anyone can get it by emailing webby their details as in first, last name etc.
    hmm you're close..make another 20 posts and You'll be a senior members:D..the only privilege I've got is I can delete my post which I think are inappropriate..no extra mailbox storage..no nothing:(
    V have vry gud institutes here like NUST, FAST n LUMS.
    although v people lag in that area but v r struggling hard 2 improve.
    here mostly v use windows os.
    Wht sort of buisness u do?
    here mostly v do software solution provider buisness.
    Well im hearing it for the 1st time that any1 is not programmer but his hoby is programming.
    Had u done bachelors in computer studies?
    Actually im a student of software engineering.Im in 2nd semester n there r 6 semesterz remaining.
    I had studied Chemistry in F.SC so find some difficulty in programming but Thank God i had a gud GPA in 1st semester.
    hey duhastmish..!! Bike trip across lhasa.. sounds kewl..!!! How did you go about it????
    hey buddy,
    Just sent you friendship request..I like your posts..you are always neutral.
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