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  • Life is good yaar by the grace of Almighty.

    Hows your work going? my education is done and now i am working with dad ;)

    How about you? Hows your gym trainer gf? :D
    Lol @ running amok in sea - making fishes obsolete.

    That's you at your most articulate sweetie -- makes me cringe.

    Come on MSN.
    oh i been eating like a mad monkey now a days - like a Godzilla running amok in sea- making fishes obsolete.

    yeh - well i am back to the hood , its same ol place ....... but i like my naan and dahl missed them alot. so time to get the belly.

    i think my lol and other phrases are gone out of me - been totally out of touch.
    Eating what? I thought you weren't into eating :S

    Elmo is here, there and nowhere.

    So I see that you've become quiet a troll.

    And what happened to all the lols, and friggins and other pet phrases of yours. They were all so annoying.
    i been traveling eating and little bit of work too.

    how about elmo - where is elmo now a days ?
    Because both of them are off limits to everyone now. For good.

    Let's just use your wall here.

    What have you been up to lately?
    ohhhhh the elmo kid - supernice to see.

    somebody was so god damn busy back to the homeland- why doesnt your pm or wall post work ?
    apologize. for it
    What ????
    Why should I. Read the word in correct sense.
    God I wonder why people say, Indians are just tooo defensive.
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