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  • No air launched cruise missiles that I know about. To date, the only platforms large enough to carry the current ALCM line are the B-52 and the B-1. Any thing else smaller to fit the 'fighter' class I do not know of any.
    Not sure what do you mean by 'alternative'. The F-16 can carry bombs, smart or dumb, and missiles. But if there is a cruise missile designed for it -- news to me.
    The Tomahawk is a big missile, about 20 ft in length, and diameter of 20in. Not possible to mount it on the F-16.
    I'm eagerly waiting for the LCH TD-3 and then TD-4 to fly, they'll be the
    closest to the actual production variant, after they've done their flights,
    the (revised) parameters will come out (hopefully we'll see with greater speed,
    and better firepower), then i'm sure a layman analysis would be
    INEVITABLE!!!! :)
    Doctorji, i've seen your Rafale mini-encyclopedia in IDF, do ya have any
    more info pertaining the conformal fuel tanks on the Rafale? It'll be a great
    boost to its already great range

    Can IAF get its hands on this upgrade as an MLU or is it exclusively for
    French Air Force?
    Good day, doctorji!

    A silly question for you...

    If you would build an attack helo, and need to import an engine,
    what would be your choice? From Russia's klimov, or ukraine's

    I would like to know :)
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