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Aug 19, 2012
    1. Dr-Sangeen
      Zindagi.. i can only feel sorry for your little mind. But i am pretty much sure that you even dont have little mind either. As far as pashtunforum is concern i am banned from that group cause i was defending Pakistan.

      beyond that, you remains a little dogs that will bark at anyone and everyone. Another point that comes to my mind is that probably you do work for the so called pashtun but actually communists indian dogs the pashtunforum. that is why you are going around advertising their full web address here trying to fish for people that you think are of that mind set.

      Either way.. you are way too dumb to be able to cause me trouble.

      So continue barking.
    2. zindagi222
      i am tired of you trolls of www.pashtunforumsdotcom

      stay in your site you afkoonis. dont come here. u think we dont know you guys are the same ppl of that anti pakistani www. pashtunforums . com ?

      this is pakistani site.
    3. waraich66
      Dr Sangeen ,

      Welcome back again
    4. haya khan
      haya khan
      hi dr sangeen thrz haya khan
    5. Condor
      Nice to see you around Dr.
      You don't have to leave here. These are your people.
      Your contributions should be immensely helpful for a people groping for a way out.
    6. Awesome
      Sangeen, your Introduction thread is for "Hi I'm new here and this is a little about me" we welcome you, and call it a day. Its a not a club.

      You're supposed to participate in the ACTUAL debates. We have not had any interactions for you to go around giving edicts about this so called arrogance.

      You were posting silly youtubes on that thread, it was obvious... Introductions are over.

      You wanna talk about issues like a normal person, follow the threads and talk, no restrictions there. But be prepared to get many different points of views.
    7. SekrutYakhni
      you are the lucky one that your intro was open for a long time...
      Not many people have this opportunity..
    8. Xeric

      Chill Doc, it is the internet!
    9. Xeric
      Lozz..you should be thankful that it stayed opned for so long. You must go through some old intro threads.

      Here we like to discuss issues where they should be discussed. Intro thread means a welcome, not a Geo-Strat discussion board.

      i think it was hinted at times that a new thread must be opened for the 'other ' discussion, still feel free to open up a new thread and carryon with the discussion there :)
    10. SekrutYakhni
      When he has nothing to offer he does not reply..
      he is like a cockroach looking for a prey and when he gets he hides..
    11. SekrutYakhni
    12. SekrutYakhni
      hey how are you?
    13. Patriot
      Yeah Please shut this guy up.This guy really get on my nerves..I am talking about S-2.
    14. khanz
      lol sorry dude thats not me i never lived in peshawar
    15. Righteous_Fire
      To the man who attracted so much "discussion" in such a short time ;)
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