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    PM Imran Khan lands in Saudi Arabia. Received by Crown Prince MBS

    Shehbaz sharif 's release and departure clearance alongside KSA visit doesn't seem a coincidence
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    36 Rafales for Indians - 7.87 B Euro, 30 Rafales for Egypt- 3.9 B Euros

    They probably need extra flying and maintenance lessons so that these don't start coming down like mig21s
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    PM IK expressed concerns to Pakistani envoys in an address - May 2021

    I had recently had some nightmarish experience at Pakistani high commission in Australia which I am soon going to report Overall the nation needs to be rescued from Bureaucrats Judicial System WAPDA OGRA Health system especially private more importantly quakes so called religious leaders...
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    Featured CoronaVirus in Pakistan - Updates & Discussion

    A bit of my work: how policy stringency fares against cases in Pakistan.
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    Today is the day for Pakistan to decide, you want enmity or friendship - Afghanistan President.

    Whoever have sympathies for the dishonest Afghan snakes are welcome to join them in theory countries....they are they only one to blame for their current state. Pakistan didn't invite one super power after another in their country. By the way Ghana's speech was accompanied by a blast in quetta
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    Is it a Good step or not: Doctors can write farmula not company name

    Bits and pieces policy implementation has become a norm here. This step will be damaging in the absence of reforms and regularisation of whole pharmaceutical industry and dispensing practices. Switching to electronic health record with proper check and balance at each step/accountability will...
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    Which dates (Khajoor) are better after ajwa ?

    I don't know which one is best after Ajwa, I am a fan of Mabroom though
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    Unidentified aerial phenomenon (UAP)

    Tablet lithobid?
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    Unidentified aerial phenomenon (UAP)

    Dementia? Alzheimer's?....
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    Featured Russia want to sell SU-35 to Pakistan: BBC Urdu

    Engines for JF17 is something else, buying a whole fighter from Russia with all the Indian influence around will not be a great strategic move: We either replace India which we cannot because of the amount of investment required is beyond our capacity. Secondly, the aircraft capabilities may be...
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    Not A Flying Coffin: Data Shows MiG-21 Has Been The Safest Fighter Jet With The Indian Air Force

    frankly it seems that the way they want to convey is that "its nothing we have done worse, why highlight this only". The 9:1 kill ratio raised my eyebrows, really! which way is it 9:1
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    Indian have smallest Brains in the world-Reserach by Indian Institute of Technology Hayderabd reveals

    Obviously....but see who did the research Reason is right there
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    Indian have smallest Brains in the world-Reserach by Indian Institute of Technology Hayderabd reveals

    there was no need for such a research, but never mind :yay:
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    If Something happens to Maryam, East Pakistan will be replayed

    Is this the same guy that murad Saeed hit in the face
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    Nigerian AF - Mig21s for sale

    lol yeah, and they can even shoot down F-16 with it, why shouldn't they be interested?:bunny:

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