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  • "A Stupid Thread and best reserved for Teenagers and wild eyed nationalists. I suggest the more serious members to refrain from posting here. apologies for the 2 posters here, for my opinion." Dont be a moderator.
    Hey rahul, hi mate this is zoom, I don't understand why this IDF is not working because of server problem, have you got any link about it?
    lolzzz well i thought you might be writing by using your toe so i cancelled the date :P

    will try to at night after 8pm PST and 8:30 IST
    It means your toe must be better now. Thats good.
    i will try to come online but not late beacuse i had to travel to Islamabad 2mrow.

    oh don jee. meh twadi maow ki yuvva. meh jugtaar singh sheri. nah koi dushman teh na koi vehri.
    ahh welcome welcome dear.

    And see the difference between IDF and Pakistani forums :)
    The mindset.

    Here the Indians do worse kind of propaganda aginst Pakistan but we dont use D.irty language against them nor we delete their posts :)
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