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    Trump waves white flag at China’s tech titans

    America has lost the trade war. They will need at least ten years to recover from everything especially covid while china never even stopped rolling forwards. Indians are in even worse position than the americans lol slums for another few generations for the pajeets.
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    China’s unorthodox weapons, provocative actions escalated situation in Ladakh: Defence ministry

    Low Iq indians always has to show their inferiority complex...are they so low IQ to not understand their firecracker nukes in the kt range yield is nothing compared to the far more numerous Chinese thermonuclear warheads measured in the mt range?? MAn indians are dump. One DF31 MIRV would wipe...
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    Pakistan-China Joint Air Force Exercise "Shaheen-IX 2020"

    Thanks but to tell the truth PLA knows everything about f16s. Plenty of 'taiwanese' have loyalties to PRC and have given China everything they need to know about ROCs defences especially the f16s. When or if PLA attacks taiwan, they would never know what hit them.
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    Dawn of a new era as Su-57 enters service

    I am sure china will help forment better ties between its two closest allies in pakistan and russia.
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    China and Pakistan Are Ganging Up on India in Border Dispute

    Arm the maoists to take over India. Cultural revolution is long overdue for india
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    Iran to accelerate underground uranium enrichment: IAEA

    Iran, china, NK, venz should all join russian csto. No more western aggression then.
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    China trade surplus hits record $75B as Nov exports soar

    U talking about the schizophrenic clown who doesnt take his meds? Just agree with him that china will collapse in 5 years and ask him his plan for viet world domination. On the other hand the guy is legit sick as hell from chinese jealousy. Chinese straight up causing him to lose his mind.
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    Time to kick india out of SCO?

    India on the margins of SCO. Russia, china and co know India just a western slave spy. https://thediplomat.com/2020/09/china-india-tensions-put-new-delhi-at-the-margins-of-the-sco/
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    Pakistan condemns assassinations of Iranian scientist - MoFA Pakistan .

    Iran will get the nuke one way or another. Only way to defend urself from fascists.
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    250 million people participate in countrywide strike in India

    Indian virus is going to cause the complete collapse of india soon. Communists, muslims, dalits etc will all have their own country soon :)
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    3 of 4 Mossad spies killed in shootout east of Tehran on Mostafa Khomeini Blvd, Damavand

    Iran being baited into war over and over again and they cant do anything..two most important people in their country the general and chief scientists murdered and they do nothing. They looking weak and soft at the moment
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    Why China is so tough in this China-India border tension? Vietnam and other countries should know the reason

    The more india joins usa, the stronger chinese russian alliance. No one can touch china and russia united. We got our quad in china, russia, pakistan and iran and we dont need no one else. We got Rcep and now we gonna kick those street sh1tters who dont wipe a22es out of SCO
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    Coronavirus was on many continents before Wuhan outbreak, Chinese team says

    India caste slave bat eaters spread virus to italy 6 months before wuhan. Google italy virus its everywhere showing virus was breeding there for six months. Now these dirty illiterate indians are going to be shown as the indian virus starters and rape capital. So much negative backlash going to...
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    China to majorly expand nuclear arsenal

    https://www.defensenews.com/congress/2020/09/01/china-planning-to-double-nuclear-arsenal-pentagon-says/ Sorry on phone
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    Su-57. Building the most advanced and the final manned combat jet.

    China and russia need joint strike fighter. No more 5th gen 6thh gen only

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