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  • @Donatello you said on one thread F15 has no canards?

    Won't you think you are wrong?
    Falcon Madeeha
    Falcon Madeeha
    Sir you said on one thread that is which you are saying above...
    And I said this too to someone...
    And that person replied that f15 have canards....

    The same bewilder response from my side too...

    Thats why I specially mention you there...
    F-15s don't have canards. Only the experimental version does. Combat ready F-15s in the service of Japan, USA, Israel and Saudi Arabia DO NOT have canards. Please ask your person/source to confirm with evidence.
    Falcon Madeeha
    Falcon Madeeha
    Thank you
    It's 1.8 TSFI... It's Auto quiet nice and smooth... well it's worth it... cause on OLX A5 woth 8.5 million 7.5 million Well when i bought the Car the Car Parked next to it was Audi A8 which worth 22.5 million Rupees that has quattro 3.0 FSI.... and they don't have A6 yet but on their way from Karachi cost was 7.5 million Rupees
    Yes The Audi A5 is Brand New It's Audi A5 Sportback it's been like 2 months that i bought from Audi center Islamabad at Golra Road Near G-13 ... Engine is 1968 CC
    Hey buddy , Days ago I saw some Indian member recommended you : 'The Fundamentals of Aircraft Combat
    Survivability Analysis and Design, Second Edition' . I've a soft copy. Want it?
    If you're looking for IC design specifically, I'd suggest try your best to get into North Carolina State University, University of Southern California, Arizona State University, University of Minnesota (Twin Cities), Virginia Tech.

    I'd strongly recommend NCSU more.
    Signal processing starts with ,weighing coefficients,convolution,FFT and filter design (FIR).Then if you want to go further deep,research level,then you can look into STAP(space-time adaptive processing)
    More still,if you are done with both and want to delve deeper into the signal processing realms of modern AESA,then you'd have to look for research papers(which i have plennty!).but this is only for advanced readers,with solid background in signal processing.I mean one should be pretty comfortable with laws of signal processing and the beautiful mathematics
    Which type of book do you want?i mean do you want books dealing with signal processing?or you want to start with the basics of beam forming-If you want to begin with theoretical aspects of ES then meril scholnik is the best way to go.However if you are done with the theories and want to see practical MATLAB applications then mahafza bassim's book is the book for you
    Salam. Life in Hyderabad is good, it's a good city. Work keeps me very busy. I visit Karachi once every two weekends, and it's a lot of fun here. How is everything with you?
    Most Nanotechnology courses are available in Fall only for international students. So have to wait for a year, which is not possible from my end.

    My GPA was 7.45/10, it more like 3/4 in US scale.
    There is practically no market in India in the field of Nanotechnology, but western countries pays good, around $100,000 for starters sounds good enough.

    If i don't click any job then will opt for PhD.

    Don't know man, too much confused now. Openings in all major US universities has closed, all that remains are substandard ones.
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