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    India will never succeed in its nefarious goals: Gen Asim Munir

    Exactly... with these empty statements vs the conduct of ISI And army brass ... it seems like world view about them is not that wrong after all... a rogue, terrorist minded organisation with experience in covert operations against it's own government... i was puzzled by the PHD Women BLA...
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    India will never succeed in its nefarious goals: Gen Asim Munir

    India is not our threat number no 1. It is Pakistan army itself... their backstabbing of our government and inability to held accountable who had an unconstitutional conduct in their service... we don't need to fear India... We are doomed by ISI and Army anyway ... it's a hostage situation ...
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    Attack on Balochistan Constabulary in Quetta Claimed by TTP.

    what is ISI doing ?? Watching azam swati nanga...
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    Pak Army wants to accept Israel - and fix resistive Imran Khan

    not everyone... just gobar filled brains of Noothies and fifthies
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    Poll: General Bajwa's Future

    well my perdiction is a bit less complicated about him.... waiting and begging for his death but couldn't die naturally of old age like musharaf and too coward to take his life.
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    Formation of a COIN warfare unit separate from the army to deal with insurgents?

    definitely .... a force under provincial control otherwise rogue army would let terrorist resettle in our tribal areas... Pakarmy really thinks Pashtun blood is cheap and dispensible...
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    Deeply saddened by Arshad Sharif's death in Kenya: ISPR

    nope not army... but lumber ones do exactly that.. have u ever wondered why everyone who had ever reported being threatened by agencies reported one common thing! and that is that they threatened to kill their family and kids!!! what kind of pathethic barbaric mindset does that... threatens to...
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    Jinnah class guided missile frigate has entered detailed design phase, after completion of conceptual design phase

    local capbility means lack of commission and corruption... we haven't been able to induct 500 Ak Tanks built in HIT due to lack of funds but we had enough funds to import vt-4 from china
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    School van targeted by TTP in Swat

    Sanp palnay walay dunya ki 7wien bari army hai.... jisnay apnay saray mulk ko hostage kia hwa hai...
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    No group or force will be allowed to politically, economically destabilise Pakistan: COAS

    No one will be allowed to ruin Pakistan... Only Pakistan Rougue Establishment has this right to cut country in half and burn the half that they are left with . #Umehareem
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    Imran Khan's helicopter again made an emergency landing

    3rd attempt on his life by so called Lumber Ones...
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    Video: S Jaishankar Gets A Grand Welcome At Pentagon

    he deserves that.. it's remarkable the way he represents his nation...
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    Foreign Conspiracy Audio Leaks Part 2 Released

    Now the issue is how he tried to manage and rally in public about the threat... instead of the issue that how dare USA threatened us??? is that what you duck heads are suggesting ?
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    Should Pakistani Establishment be Nationalized ?

    it should be neuterilized not nationalised ....

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