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    Nepal: Surkhet Air Strip for Indian Air Force, Target Tibet

    Many Chinese see India as no.1 enemy because of Tibet factor. India enemy No.1 of China because of Tibet factor: Report - International Business Times
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    India has forgotten lessons of 1962 war:Global Times

    If you are a Chinese tell me the below translation in English: 中国印度刺伤背部。他们是懦夫。:azn:
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    India has forgotten lessons of 1962 war:Global Times

    中国印度刺伤背部。他们是懦夫。 الصين والهند للطعن من الخل&#1601...
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    Indian Muslim Lawmaker Assaulted and Beaten for Taking Oath in Hindi

    Odisa Chief minister Naveen Patnaik takes oath in English. He doesn't know odia at all. Still then he is the CM for last 3 times.
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    Uighurs seek a passage to India

    Interesting. Very correctly said. If a Muslim injures himself in a road accident in India, Pakistan takes no time to describe it as a communal violence on minority. Where did they go now when Uighurs are butchered like animals.
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    Bangladesh Military prepares for a WAR against Myanmar

    American could not defeat Burma. What is Bangladesh? Joke of the Millennium.:sarcastic::sarcastic::sarcastic:
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    Crisis deepens as India blocks Chenab flow

    Yes. The Indian policy was as below. 1. Close trade ties and stop water supply to Pakistan. Also watch the primary exports of Pakistan and export the same products to other countries at a cheaper price. This will make a big blow on the Pakistani economy. 2. Pressurize US to believe that Pak...
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    Atomic war between Pakistan and India: A Brief Note

    People who are afraid of nuclear blast can take some precautions as below. 1. Dig a hole 2-3 floors underground. 2. Google to find some radiation proof material and use them to construct your building. Indian parliament is a radiation proof house. 3. Stay close to water level. 4. Keep 2 pipes...
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    Beat this Resume...

    :coffee:Umm... I am sorry but we are like this only. Everytime someone starts a good discussion we morons always turn it to a bitter ending. This kind of behavior is programmed inside our blood. We are trying to improve ourselves but we always encounter someone of our character to fight with...
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    Beat this Resume...

    Yes they have no answer now. When India annexed Bangladesh and Siachen where did their brother China go? I know they can never give the answer. China is selfish. They are only (mis)using Pakistan for their own interest. Anyway India is happy to create unrest in China by playing the Tibet card...
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    Arunachal shows China how democracy works

    The people who commit this crime are also Chinese. The same way people who commit sexual abuse in India are criminals. Now you must have understood criminals are criminals and no point of blaming a whole country. Grow up Infant.....
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    Arunachal shows China how democracy works

    Police in China say they have recovered more than 2,000 children in a six-month campaign against human trafficking. BBC NEWS | Asia-Pacific | China rescues kidnapped children Shame on China....:yahoo:
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    'India builds 60 dams on Jehlum to deprive Pakistan of water'

    What can they do... And why should India listen. Did Pakistan listen when India asked to handover the most wanted terrorists like Meshud Azhar, drug mafia Dawood ibrahim etc etc... Now got it? :agree::agree: Once all the under-construction dams are completed,...............the worst will come...
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    'India builds 60 dams on Jehlum to deprive Pakistan of water'

    Hey Man!!! India defeated Pakistan 4 times. The result you can see is Siachen is now inside India and Bangladesh is no more in Pakistan. That's the rule of the game. You started it. We are following you.
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    Crisis deepens as India blocks Chenab flow

    India raises concern over China dam on Brahmaputra New Delhi, October 15, 2009 - indiatoday India on Thursday expressed concern over reports that China was building a dam on its side of the Brahmaputra river, saying it would verify the matter. The external affairs ministry said in a...

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