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    :: Pakistan Air Force vids - Edited on Adobe Premiere ::

    Bohat Khoob -- like it One suggestion, the music in these type of videos is better with drum beats. Only a thought.
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    JF-17 Thunder Multirole Fighter [Thread 7]

    JF-17 blocked-II being pitched against Qatar Rafael in Anatolian Eagle 2021
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    US-Pakistan talks on military bases reach impasse: report

    US Secretary of State called to talk to IK over the phone....He got the reply that Prime Minister will only talk to US President :p: :woot: :rofl: 8-) :partay: :lol: :enjoy: :tup: :wave:
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    Thunder Thriller From Another Angle !

    Amazing lift from ground up.
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    PMLN Lies On Economy Exposed How Pakistan Is Rising Beyond Expectations

    Watch this --- this is the best explanation what PMLN and Ishaq Dar did to Pakistan economy. (10885) Exclusive Interview of Shaukat Tareen | Dunya Kamran Khan | Dunya News | HD2H - YouTube
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    News: Nigeria Orders 7 more JF17s

    (10028) Nigerian JF17 Thunder in Action | Nigeria JF17 Block 2 in Action - YouTube
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    3 soldiers martyred in North Waziritsan.

    (8937) Pakistan Army SSG Commandos Big Action In Afghanistan || Breaking News - YouTube
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    3 soldiers martyred in North Waziritsan.

    Apparently! it has been avenged (8916) Breaking ! Good News Given By DG ISPR & Pak Army In 24 Hours & Wins Heart Of Nation - YouTube
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    Biden’s Afghan Pullout Is a Victory for Pakistan. But at What Cost?

    May be, but Pakistan has played well this time. The openings towards China, Russia, Turkey and Iran are not without a reason.
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    Pakistan Day - 23rd March 2021- One nation, one destination.. Religious Harmony .. ISPR

    This one is much better: (5368) ISPR and Coke Studio launch a great Song for 23rd March. Military Band and Orchestra together ❤ - YouTube
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    :: Pakistan Air Force vids - Edited on Adobe Premiere ::

    Looking forward to your great work - good luck
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    Pakistan Military Multimedia

    :rofl::omghaha: I love this one
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    :: Pakistan Air Force vids - Edited on Adobe Premiere ::

    UFFF! UFFF! UFFF! Dam Mast Qalander was a great choice.
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    PAF Celebrating Mirage Golden Jubilee

    Beautiful idea.
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    PAF victories against Israeli Air Force, kept secret for 25 years - Air Commodore (r) Khalid Chishti

    @Beny Karachun I beg to differ here. You know it, and you are hiding. Try and be brave. Israel did plan an attack, and was shortly after the attack on Iraq reactor. It was in the 80's, the times of Gen Zia. The attack was meant to happen from India. Israeli F-16 had landed in India for the...

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