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  • Hey, I live in Lakshmi Nagar Nagpur. I am a film maker and keep shuttling among Mumbai, Nagpur and Noida-Delhi.
    Ha Ha Ha my friend, so you had to search for the word and try to inform me what it meant... I am going to enjoy this, refer to application of the word Flaccid? Refer to it in the context of Energised argument and pursuit.

    Here is the definition taken from the same online dictionary you used to post the message on my visitor profile:

    2. Lacking vigour or energy: flaccid management.

    It is a fair application of the word to highlight one's personal lack of energy in the pursuit of "party tricks". Another common usage of Flaccid is to replace the term Lazy to refer to someone who does not have the energy to learn something.

    So before you start shooting your mouth off, why not try to put your brain in gear first. Try to understand what the other person is trying to say rather then jumping to conclusions.
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