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  • Kis ka kaisay pata Lalu ka ya allu ka yar karan(alu) ka :P

    Hum tau bas unn Lalu Parsad Ydev ki baat kar rahay they when he visited Pakistan.

    Lalu ka hath main alu was the headline by Indian media :)
    Hi thought of asking some doubts.
    how do you see indian help and support to tamil in srilanka and awami legue in bangladesh. Both were the internal matter of concerned countries.
    Is tamil sentiments shared by tamilnadu people is a valide excuse ? Or any other is there ?
    Is burden of refugees a valide reason in the case of helping bangladesh ? Or any other reason involved ?
    what about moral support for balooch people ?
    with all this excuses can't pakistan support kashmir insurgents(ongoing) and maoists in india then ?
    i am looking forward for your thoughts on every question mark i put here.. Thanx in advance.
    hey, how come your # of posts went down?? i thought it was more than 5000. did you paid to feel the elite??
    lolz ask webmaster lolz being Indian I won't bother to come into eyes of Asim Aquil or webmaster lolz
    if I goto someone elses profile and if you are there in recent visitor's list ur name is shown like desiman+ same is with AzadPakistan2009 id any special reason for it?
    waise I am seeing your friendslist jo bhi desi dost bana hain ban ho gaya jaldi!!! hhahaha bhagwan he mujhe bachaye hai o rabba :P :D lolz
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