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  • Hi bro i'm facing a new kind of problem in this forum.when i am replying to any post by clicking quote option he shows me rules and regulation page i dont know wat to do next .help me.
    From the past two hours i was just reading every post and getting disgusted. But i just realised that many Pakistani members who post regularly kept out, and ignored the thread.Thanks for a nice and comforting reply sir.
    Sir, yesterday, some pakistani troll created a thread which said, indian democracy is failed, secularism is sham. The thread is still not deleted, obviously many Indian members attacked and got banned.How can anyone create a thread that gives a message" "come & bash india". Just today evening i was thinking that this is such a fair forum, the mods must be commended, but i am utterly disgusted today after witnessing the nonsense thats happened. I tried to release my frustration by posting something sarcastic, on the thread, but it is making me feel like a bigger loser now! I don't have many friends on the forum, felt like sharing my feelings with someone, so don't mind all this.
    take care
    Well thanks a lot for the info sir. And your thread unfolded a great story .. lol . Looks like the troll king is out .. for good!
    are desidog,desiman bhai why are you saying this??even i should say this to you.whenever i read ur posts in various threads i want to say thank to u for such a nice information.:-)
    the baby is real one from my province NWFP, :) people on net had used this pic alot with false claims.
    I thanked that post for the reason that it had shown the pics of people from Nothern Pakistan and i know that people from my province of my country Pakistan indeed are 200% different than Indians and we share no bloodline with Indians.

    We in NWFP are mostly Turks. Central Asians, the Pure Aryans :) i thanked that post for this reason and not for beauty or ugly comparison.
    Dude, you've been a fairly decent fella up until now. Keep your arguments between the members and on topic and make them worthwhile. If you're gonna slug it out against the forum it will be construed as defamation of our board sooner or later and we have this policy, if you don't like it here then you can be sent elsewhere.

    I've liked a few of your threads, and thats why giving you a heads up, hopefully you'll stick around for long.
    ok yaar its time to sleep kal milty hai and please don't post rubbish or flame i don't wanna lose you.
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