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  • if you're messaging me because you think I have reported your posts, then clear up your mind - I didn't do anything like that. Though it was a friendly suggestion to avoid such posts/comments. I could also reply in the same fashion but it would have made things only worse. The title of the article speaks for it. I didn't even feel like reading it simply because of that.
    i can also post many anti-indian articles and just say 'those are simply articles'. but by doing so, would I do any good? would it make me a better person? what's the point of those articles other than hate?
    Lol, i did the same, its not gonna change him Sir. I think it was because of my LV comment, that you thread was shut. So sorry about that.
    Be careful sir........ Some one is gonna blame u that tea is going to spread swine flu in pakistan.... Because of U... Just kidding nice posts over all
    Would like to know your comments on my article about why Pakistan blames all attacks on India.
    sorry about the outburst sir, i had just lost it. The fact is that he had got me. I was damn pissed, it was pretty shameful, and some indian members were posting equally lame arguments, to make matters worst. Its shameful, they talk about looks, how sick. I am feeling for those group of nice women who's pic they post, they do not deserve this. This is like they are insulting our mothers. They talk about looks, and forget what the world thinks about them. Forget it!! I am going to need some time to shed of this anger sir.
    Sir, i have decided to get myself banned today, the assholes are downright cheap and being racists!! I do not give a hoot about being here if i have to be racially abused at the cost.
    Hello sir, i am planning to write a book about my experiences on this forum. It is an interesting topic trust me, opens a whole bundle of emotions. lol.
    Bro my problem is when i read any thread and i want to post my msg then forum show me rules and regulation page and he said that first you have to agree with rules and regulations of this forum to enjoy all the services.i dont know wat 2 do thats why i want to give my login details to you.to sort out all the problem.bhai apni yahoo mail ki id bta do mai apko mail kerke sari details de donga jaise hee app sari problems solve ker do ge aur mujhe bta do ge to then i will change my all login details.pls do it for me.
    Bro do me a favoure yaar i will give you my username and passoword of this forum. Aur phir dekhna ki kya problem hai.you r my first friend of this forum so i think i can trust u. Can i?
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