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    Massive Ambush in S. Waziristan

    (not irrelevant :D )
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    Massive Ambush in S. Waziristan

    Unfortunately this thread has shown that how nascent we are and underdeveloped our thoughts are as a nation. We still haven't been able to understand each other's problems nor compromise to accommodate. Awareness and critical thinking is still missing, economic disparity still present ethnic...
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    Massive Ambush in S. Waziristan

    The people who are talking against the tribal people and calling them suicide bombers must also observe how the country has failed to provide quality education and job opportunities. Lack of education is one of the major reasons why people are so easily attracted to commitin such acts by...
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    Massive Ambush in S. Waziristan

    AFAIK it was an IBO but the insiders/ informants compromised OPSEC and the militants knew we were coming... Btw the jawans were of 4Cav, but what was an armoured regt doing in SW conducting IBOs. @PanzerKiel
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    Pakistan Tank Industries

    Within almost 1.5 years??
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    Pakistan's Service Rifle (G-3, Type-56) Replacement Competition 2016.

    Weapons, except for snipers, are always provided by the host nation (Azerbaijan). Btw PKM is the most unfavorable MG for Spec ops, considering its length and weight.
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    India - Pakistan conflict analysis - aims, tactics, strategy, results

    But fortunately he commanded 6th armd div after 65, right? I've been searching for his name for quite some time now. On both sides armour was decisive when used in defensive ops (Chawinda for PA and Assal Uttar for IA), counterattacking ( AQ Sher's 22 mobile reserve bde's brilliant counter...
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    Battle of Asal Uttar - 56 years ago

    Sir I believe the GHQ instead of 11th ing div should be blamed for this mess up because since the Rann of Kutch incident, the armoured division had moved to Changa Manga Reserve Forest close its operational area and along with 7th Infantry Division carried out detailed planning and coordination...
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    A blatant lie - Indians and their Puppets Claim to Shoot Down a PAF Jet in Panjshir

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    Pakistan Army | News and Discussions

    Yep amd the man is tikka Khan.

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