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  • Linki gonderebilirsin izlerim simdi tam moduna girdim suan zaten, dediginiz gibi cok biligili, hakiketten sasirtici birsey Amerikalinin, tarihimiz hakkinda bukadar bilgi sahibi olupta birde sadece bizlere degilde ayni zamanda kendi halkinada ders vermesi dahadi sasirtici guzel bisey Allah razi olsun kendisinden.
    Thank you so much Deno and yeah i am a bit better. And expect them to say it was all to support terrorists. i didnt read it yet but as i said they are predictable
    I forgot to mention the camel thing. Hahaha. I really appreciate what you are doing by the way. Just let it pass.
    Don't try to argue with them just let the argument pass. I also realize that we don't need to prove anything to anyone by the way. We know ver well that we are capable despite what they believe in as us being mentally challenged genetically. Yeah they believe that we are stupid due to just being born where we are. Can racism be anymore blatant??
    Can't say that the thought didn't cross my mind. But I made a promise to myself some time ago that I will change the misconception about my country here.

    Being a Saudi means the following:
    1-Other Arabs hate you and see you as a traitor for oil which they see as the property of all Arabs and not only the gulf countries.
    2-Western people hate you and see you as a terrorist and a barbaric backward sub-human who does not deserve the oil.
    3- Other Muslim countries see you as a traitor and an "American puppet" and a main reason for all their sufferings.
    So in short the entire world hates you. A Saudi can't even say he is Saudi either on the Internet or in the real world when we travel and you can only imagine how hard it is.
    I am sorry. It's just that sometime you need support. All my friends here are banned now. Banned for saying something about Iran. It gets increasingly lonely here and rarely do you see a friendly face.
    I just want to get out of the house for a while clear my head. This was all just too much for me.
    What really hurt me the most was their jokes... Are they really so brainwashed they no longer have an inch of humanity left in them?? I came close to throwing up I didn't but I cried as well.
    You are very welcome. That guy was trying to bash Saudi Arabia and ,excuse my language, trying to make that thread in to a pissing contest between Saudi Arabia and Iran.

    Thanks for the message, really appreciate it. :)
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