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    Here is the link for PARS. Pak Amateur Radio Society. http://pakhams.com/ If anyone needs any info about amateur radio; feel free to contact me - i am amateur radio operator now for 35yrs+.
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    Palestine crying

    says who. Dont quote b/s stuff here.
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    Palestine crying

    Nonsense. It is a deliberate attempt to drive Palestinians out of the entire land. That is their end goal They are supported by Evalengistics who want the return of Messiah to be expedited. It is not a matter of accepting Isreal; it is a matter of Isreal accepting that they need to respect...
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    China's Insecurity. Part 4 of China's Reckoning

    Just come and have a look for yourself. Right now Northern Moz has become a nightmare; entire ecological/environment plus security disaster. Zambia is completely taken over. I am not kidding you, the voices are growing louder and we may see them get the same treatments what Idi Amin did back...
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    Featured Israel-Palestinian Conflict Resurgence 2021: Al-Aqsa attacks, riots, rockets, military clashes and Jerusalem conflict

    Bottom line: WTF is wrong with these gulfies/sisi pharoah brigades/Master bone sawers.... Act like macho in Yemen against unarmed people yet put heads in the sand like ostriches... wait ... i forgot - Golda cut their nuts off in 73... Kuchy/TiT...
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    Stupid & Funny from Around the World :Continued

    Our cartoonist pencil is sharpest.
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    RF Antenna Basics

    FInally, i can focus on getting this out:
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    Retired US generals claim Joe Biden not fit to be President

    freedom of press and speech.
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    Muslim community celebrates Ramadan in a small border town in southern China

    Is this the best you can do. Fake as per usual.
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    ALL Xinjiang related issues e.g. uyghur people, development, videos etc, In here please.

    Fake posts - all are paid actors - - 1. Most are not uighurs there. - 2. topi/skull caps totally missing. - 3. actual prayers footage with time stamps missing. So, please go back and do a good job with undoctored footage Fake and forced. Where are the young ones? Where are men with beards...
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    "India Beat All Odds In Coronavirus Fight," Says PM Modi

    On another notes - many in my country are wish for his Gupta bastards to rot in that covid hell. God works in mysterious ways.
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    New fighter for PAF Doctrine?

    ehmn... encouraging to move vs stilling on backsides tapping at keyboards or glued to xboxes. man.... no disrespect to pak women jooo.... man our men here prefer big women - what is meant by multi-tankers ?? man,. we should return thread to normality.
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    Wing Reinforcement Makes Thunder More Lethal !

    bro... i need to take these kids on a hunting trip deep into the kalahari... A lion roar at night will make them wet their pants.
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    New fighter for PAF Doctrine?

    Ehmn... me think it is good to have more than one wife :).... they will be busy fighting each other vs nagging you.
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    PM held telephonic conversation with King of KSA & Turkish President - MoFA Pakistan .

    yup.... donkey Master Bone Sawer - is a shameless being in bed with Kushy/TiT - do you expect him to say anything.

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