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  • We're cleaning up the forums, the frequency of these type of threads have increased a lot and we're now no longer entertaining them by going through the trouble of cleaning up the mess others are making. If the user persists with their spamming tougher action may also be taken
    Post and member both taken care of.

    Thanks for not indulging with same kind of remarks :)

    thanks bro..sorry for the late reply because i was taking a break again :D
    1) first you told me bring in the weapons named after individuals i brought it now you are saying they are not more than 300 years old, hahahaha
    we named it its our problem, if you are having problem with the names then it really cool, we must future weapons just like these
    Noble Prize is even won by people like Obama & that Israeli murder who was president his name is not coming to my mind

    2)Perception, yeah right next time don't confuse perception with facts

    3)I like rainy days

    1) Air carriers are being named after their presidents which lets say are no less than 300 years old and each one of them has an impecable record and some have even won nobel for their work. Cant be compared to ghaznavi etc. Arjun and Bhism are mythical charecters ( they might have/might not have existed) . Do you get the drift? As far as I know Merkava means Chariot in hebrew. You can check up wikipedia for that.

    2. Well in today's world every country will have weapons for defence. Its a reality and we cant deny it. But when you name them as aggressors and not defenders then the (Niyat) of the country comes into question. As I said if you want to be percieved in a wrong way , which will harm you later much more then the harm that any of your missiles can do then go ahead and do it. I dont want you guys to change anything. Its a debate about being right and wrong and how things can be perceived or Are .

    3. some of the emotions that you have shown in this forum have the intensity associated with a scorp. Change is the only order in this world. Just wanted to check if you're having sunny days or rainy days. BTW India knocked the stuffin out of SA at Eden gardens. Congratulate us for that :P
    !) You named it yourself & point that these weapons systems of urz are not front line is absurd & ever heard of Israeli Merkava Tank, there is whole reason why it was named Merkava, then there is this air craft carrier from Russia named after their Admirals, then Air craft carriers USS Lincoln & USS George H.W. Bush

    2)The very existence of Missiles don't send good messages & you are here obsessed about their naming, the very fact that it hurts you people just because we named them so is enough & moreover our Missiles are our Ultimate weapons of Destruction & deterrence, Few people can think what they want to think, banging head on the fact that Pak cannot make is not going to change anything , the fact is we have it & we have it operational & they are been inducted & fired many times during the military exercises

    3) Been a scorpio lol, why u asked that
    Hello, thanks for contacting me. U.S. and Chinese flags here are used only to show appreciation. This is mostly done because both of those governments have good relations with the Pakistani government. This is not true with the Indian government. I am experienced with the usage of such flags, and i can see that such flag will be more abused than appreciated, and therefore resulting in more trolling and fights.
    i cant stop laughing about your comment on the joint exercise thread..really was a good one ..BTW nice posting you are making keep up the good work
    I believe you are new to this forum, once you spend sometime on the forum you will get an idea that why even senior members with hundreds or thousands of posts get banned.
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