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    Opinion: Providing Firepower to Palestinian Resistance

    Let's just forget the Finance issue look over the whole problem 1 What makes this a Pakistan problem? Palestine Spat in Pakistani Face and supported India not just recently that has always been the case. 2 Land Route Unless Pakistan is sending Warships how will you send supplies or anything...
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    Good News?? Karachi based Top E-Commerce Platform has hinted towards AMAZON's arrival in Pakistan in few hours.

    It goes both ways, 1 you have well have Quality Goods, the Price will be higher but mostly amazon keeps Good quality stuff and if you have issues they in most cases will support customers. @akramishaqkhan Problem with Pakistani Local business is following 1 They don't have Quality control in...
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    4 FC soldiers martyred, 6 injured in terrorist attack on Pak-Afghan border, 3 Soldiers martyred and 6 Injured in Waziristan.

    Don't you remember what these scums did to Kids in Peshwar School, Over 141 Souls lost in single day. LET ME EXPLAIN THE STORY IN VERY VERY SIMPLE WORDS 1 Military Top-Brass and Politicians are involved. Pakistan as a state and its people are just a means to them now to keep pockets full for...
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    AC Sialkot controversy: Dr Firdous Awan says public representatives are answerable to the masses

    The problem isn't the System, its Society - Culture and in the end people themselves. From top to bottom, everyone is corrupt, it's for the benefit of some people, and that won't change.
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    Pakistan will not offer bases to the US military.

    Beside Exit Pakistan isnt much relevant, heck when US was solely dependent on Pakistan for Road access, even thn Pakistan got smacked now that time is long gone, Military and Politicans are in uncle sams pocket they will do what they want to do when they want to do. Thats the sad reality, no one...
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    China on way to self reliance in 28-nm chips; to attain maturity in 14-mm category as well

    We need more Chip makers are professional level to keep price down and innovation up. One of the main reason intel getting destroyed by amd.
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    How do we save ourselves from these jahils

    If any uses this logic , try giving them gentle push in that road if they complain tell if you are suppose to die you will die, if not you will love. These thick skulls needs to understand that, its just not for your safety, its for others and your loved 1s as well. Why drunk driving is not...
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    #Pakistanstandswithindia - An Irony

    You can stand your ground on overall issues but can also have moral high ground in circumstances which is affecting whole world. Just look at the example of our Holy Prophet, lady used to throw garbage on him but when she stopped our Prophet went on to check her if she was sick, Let them throw...
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    Crypto mining rigs

    Meanwhile, me mining with 3080, i mainly purchased this for gaming but since my machine stays on 24x7 as plex server its just returning the money I paid for my CPU & GPU, its decent you can earn close to £150 to 200 per month with £15 to 25 Electricity cost depending on your area in all...
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    Indian Media Discloses Dismal Performance of SU-30MKI Fighters During Kashmir Skirmish

    Really How ? Whats the official position of the Indian State about Kashmir and the rest of the region ? from what I can see Region of Kashmir, Gilgit, and rest of the area with China , India belives its part of India. So you mean now official Indian position is that those Part currently...
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    Indian Media Discloses Dismal Performance of SU-30MKI Fighters During Kashmir Skirmish

    Beside indian media whole world knew about this next day. 1 Pakistan openly said they will hit back, india wasnt ready for response and escalation. 2 Indian claims that well Pakistan didnt attack damage anything, Did India Attack any Pakistani military target NO so response was given in similar...
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    2 years in jail, Rs500,000 fine for mocking Pakistani forces as amendment bill passed

    This has both pros and cons Biggest issue what is the defined limit, how can state insure that this wont be abused in all honesty Military forces already have enough freedom and power to do whatever they like. Biggest concern is Armed forces have already been involved too much in shady stuff in...
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    Egypt Golden Parade: Lessons for Pakistan

    You have to understand the history of this region, If you take out these So-called Invaders majority of the land was divided by small states which represented its own history, Besides Muslim rulers you don't see much of unity so in that sense you are only dividing states and trying to force...
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    3 Rafale fighters landing next week, 9 more in April to add to IAF’s firepower

    Rafale itself is currently one of the best aircraft available in its class but there are few issues 1st when these birds will be fully operational in IAF, you cant just add new platform and expect them work at 100% capabilities next day, SAME GOES FOR PAKISTAN HENCE YOU SEE FASTER THUNDERS...
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    Five FC soldiers martyred in two attacks in Balochistan

    Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji'un

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