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  • Hello bhai! Nice to see you back ! I been lurking here long enuf to know about everyone ! :) appreciate your decent posts.. which doesnt have a hint of the usual nationalistic jargon
    Oh man. Bro r you really? Can not be less happier to see you again. I hope rest of the bros shows up.........
    Hi...it was pleasure knowing you thru ur posts....i sincerely hope to see you back as moderator....all the best
    Thanks. Always good wishes for my bros. I hope you stick around and give your valuable opinion to strengthen our views on certain matter. Please think about it.
    What?!!!!!!!!!!...................You are kidding right?
    Come on man, I love reading your posts. I can understand that you wont be mod anymore but how come you wont be posting anymore?
    Anyway.....it was pleasure knowing you, best of luck.
    Darkstar its a big loss to this forum indeed. in star looking at your id as an indian thought - oh he must be conservative and radical lol. but all my misconception got cleared just in first week. you were a great friend to almost all the members on this forum. wish you good luck.
    Walikum salam bhai. A sad news I wish could have been avoided though I respect your decision. I share same view with yours on many front. I defiantly will miss your excellent posts. May Allah be with you what ever you choose to do next. Good luck and Khuda hafiz my brother.
    You will be missed, thank you for all your contributions. You were part of the team and I hope you will continue to be part of the team as a regular member.

    Good luck and stay in touch.
    Dear D.S

    I just read the news... I wish you the best in your endeavors, your contribution to the forum was excellent and will be missed. Please remember. Take care and Bye.

    Sincerely, A1Kaid
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