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  • A Pakistani source has been posted. Although, it is not what most consider credible; if you know what i mean.


    There is no constructive discussion about anything related to islam---when a people, a group, a nation feel insecure about their integrity and identity, they close their minds to listen and look at what lays beyond the veil.

    It also becomes a show off---not to open the mind---there is a reason behind it----a lack of confidence in their self belief and their religion----. Have you seen anyone who has confidence about a certain thing and he shies away from the spot light or an open discussion----that is where the problem lies----it is the belief of the believers that has issues----it is the practise of the believers that have created doubts in their minds----. If their hearts and souls were truthful and clean----why would they be afraid to confront the issue----.

    It is the deceit and deception that lies deep in the soul that makes us cringe----in our hearts we know that we lie to ourselves and to our lord GOD and to save that lie---we have built walls around ourselves
    Is your religion better than mine-----.

    Thanks for starting that wonderful thread---it is a shame that it got closed right away----I went through that same experience some 30 + years ago---it was not in a class of religion or islamiyat but being an avid reader of fiction, I got the different perception of other beliefs---I had to open my eyes and broaden my horizoins as well---was that a learning experience or what---to rebuild yourself and start looking at this world thropugh a wide angle lens----.

    I never talked to you before----please allow me to welcome you to this board----.
    sahi farmaya aap ne

    fully agree with you


    Have you been any other place in EU where I could take an advise from you???
    oh well I went to Paris again,

    I must say, i hadn't seen everything in my first trip. Well, you are right... thats probably the best City in Europe if you see the overall infrastructure of the city excluding dirty Metro/subway

    Copying somebody's words and I fully agree with it

    "Having lived in both - you could not possibly compare - Paris architecturally is the most beautiful city in the world - London is currently the coolest - it even beats New York for shopping, food and sophisticated culture"


    "Both are awesome. I took a long time to decide Paris because (it just happened to be that a coin is thrown head on)"

    Just felt like giving my opinion once again
    Lol thanks! I try to come on as often as I can but theres way too many indians on here!! They annoy me too much
    oh well I did go to Paris for a day,

    Planned to visit so many places but unfortunately my cousins got tired too early :( and also due to lack of time we could only visit The Versaillies Palace, The Versailles Gardens, Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, Louvre Museum, Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie from outside only (due to lack of time), Musee d'Orsay, couple of more museums & places of attraction from outside (due to lack of time) and couple of shopping centres etc....

    12 hours were just not enough to visit every single place so may go there again after a month or two :D

    Overall it was a very pleasant journey and loved it but you were wrong in your assumptions that it is better than London. If you divide in different categories... I think London has far better transportation (very clean underground comparing to dirty Metro of paris), easy to understand maps whereas Paris is bit complicated. As a tourist, all of the museums in London are free and Paris charges money for local residents above 18 years of age and/or over 25 of age for the members of European Union.

    I think their museums were just great and really impressed with all that... but London too has very competitive Museums if not better.... overall I would say... both are like twin-sisters but in many ways London is far better

    Yes in some matter Paris wins but if you start counting 1-2-1 --- I would give a slight advantage to London for now :D
    You were right!

    I researched once again and learned that the Versailles palace is about 19 kilometers away from Eiffel Tower.... so I suppose its outer city :( and you were right!

    No worries....If I can travel about 292 miles (470 kilometres) from my home to reach Paris....I can also travel 19 kilometres hehehe

    researched a lot and I hope everything goes well now

    didn't know they have a ticket for museums as well, as you know it doesn't cost anything if you visit a museum in other European countries. No worries, that was good to know well in advance so that we could allocate more money in our budget hehehe
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