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  • In reply to Kashmir thread.Since I cannot reply there being Full member

    Propagandist Indian media and government is giving it a name of sectarian violence when clearly it is not the case.
    Train service in Paris is better than 2 years ago but it still sucks big time... London has one of the best transportation system in the World! For visitors that's a big Plus point for London
    Well the time has changed, now I can confidently say that I know much more about Paris than yourself.

    Now I can easily drive from London to Paris without the need of navigation system (275 miles), I know the central Paris just like London since I have spent a lot of time in Paris since last year. I even know the surrounding areas of Paris and lived in 4 star hotel, 3 star hotel, 1 star hotel, private flat with my friends and also with family. Ask about any museum that I haven't seen, ask about any attraction that I haven't visited, ask about any shopping center that I haven't been or ask about any famous Road that I haven't walked at.

    My current analysis says London is still better than Paris =)) But there are so many things in which Paris is ahead. So it depends upon your circumstances and the type of life you chose to live.
    lol pata bhi nahi chala aur 2 calender years change ho gaye. Remember we talked about Paris back in 2010??? I went to France 4 times after that... 3 times in Paris alone

    Abhi kal ki baat lagti hai when we were talking about it :P
    lol omg i'm reading that thread now and it's so hilarious how indians are trying to make out as if her film is an attack on pakistan and saying we shouldn't celebrate and trying to get pakistanis to hate on her i just get the feeling they are fuming with jealousy !
    good post about chinoy winning oscar you beat me to it ! don't let those indians and sensitive nutjobs complain i'm very happy first pakistani oscar wohoo !!
    pakistan: on the streets


    Thank you very much for all those pictures of motherland. It is truly a priveledge to have you on this board.
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