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    BSF kills 4 in Kurigram, Dinajpur, Meherpur

    LOL Why are you getting so Hot????? Pathetic, people like you accusing others of being hateful when you yourself venture in to such language. This thread has nothing to do with Pakistan instead you brought it in as subject!. On topic: //@#idune these things do happen at indo-Pak border...
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    37 Hindus convert to Islam in Matli

    well if they converted by choice then its fine and peace be upon them. To any indians objecting to this, where were the converts hindu leaders? why didnt they provide them guidance? These poor people are not to blame but if its any 1 then it is their own leaders who didnt provide them...
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    US lawmakers freeze US$700 million to Pakistan

    :rofl::rofl: cutting $700 million that we wouldnt have gotten anyway. What a load of B***S***!!!! In the last 3-4 years "profit before tax" pak only received $300 million. that is to say all the rest went back to the greedy americanos . they paid us the money to look after their trucks...
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    ***The London migrants moving back to Bangladesh***

    It is the ultimate insult to an immigrant: telling someone to go back to where they came from. But for some, with the economic climate in the UK looking increasingly uncertain, that is exactly what they are doing. After 17 years in the UK, east Londoner Ashraf Ali decided to go "back home"...
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    Old Bangla Photos

    “White skinned Pakistanis” ?/ lol 1st time i heard that. Those Pakistanis who boast of that are plain ignorant Having ancestors from Iran or Saudia does not make you white. They say “A picture tells a thousand words” these 2 pictures are very powerful indeed. It’s not the colour of...
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    'Annex part of Bangladesh' commented by a Former Indian cabinet minister

    Is there any factual proof of 15-20 million Bangladeshi Illegal migrants in India? Reports by World Bank, united nations, red cross or other international agency? I’m not debating if they are illegals or not but are these credible numbers or just simple estimations?? Peace
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    Old Bangla Photos

    How Quickly Things Change..........
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    **Three Indian blunders in the 1971 war***

    It’s obviously an Indian article but there are some decent points mentioned in the thing. (In 1971 India lost a golden opportunity to sever the Sino-Pak communications by land and threaten the Karakoram highway. In the 1971 war, all attention was focussed on the Eastern front. The Indian...
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    East Pakistani Soldiers during Operation Searchlight

    What planet are you from??? Bengalis rioted in kolkota before the partition in 1946/47 killing hundreds of Hindus, yes at the time there was a large Muslim presence in the city. Nehru and Sarder patel realized that muslim Bengalis of Kolkata would join east Bengal so they successfully...
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    Ghulam Nabi Fai, Kashmiri leader, admits to spying for ISI

    Poor man reminds me of the case of Mehmood Ahmed Hashmi and several others. Though the dice has already been cast if he seriously pled guilty to the case. A recent case of American hypocrisy in the court of law was the case of Troy Davis. Peace
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    Friendship on Fire: Pakistan done with US?

    What terrorism? Do you know what terrorism is??? Terrorism by definition has been instigated by the west in Iraq and afghan. Those people who we are killing whether we like it or not have almost same culture as ours, they live next to us , we know them, they know us. We have lived...
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    American attack aftermath: Pakistan declares attack a 'plot'

    lol kayani’s Cigars Dried UP ???? Pakistanis burn American flags while America burns the country of Pakistan. Peace
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    Views of Pakistanis regarding 1965 war

    He may have died of a heart attack, but the real heart attack was left for pak. Lal Bahadur Shastri was an intelligent Indian p-m . if he wasn’t pm in 65 situation could have been very different, for paks advantages. The generals and criminals at the time betrayed Pakistani people, they...
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    Demons of December - Road from East Pakistan to Bangladesh

    Only half of PA is made up of Punjabis, 35% by sindhis/pathans and 15% by balochis, Kashmiris other ethnicities. Before 1972 most of PA /government was dominated by non Punjabis, generals, politicians (Bhutto sindhi) hell since 1958/72 there was martial law in Pakistan ,obviously no democracy...
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    I find it ironic that an old man retiring to a French villa, swimming in speedo shorts with an entourage of ladies watching. And having his own mistresses (including white French) is able to call himself caliph?? Don’t get me wrong i respect turkey and ottoman empire as great periods ...

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