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  • Exactly, they think they can quite before its too late, but instead their smoking increases day by day until they literally can't live without smoking, basically the point of no return. Your fortunate for having a sister as a doctor, most smokers don't enjoy that privilege.
    Yeah, no problem, but too bad my post got removed because it was "too graphic", graphic it is but its the only effective way to convince smokers to quite because reality is going to hit them one day, better to quite sooner than later. The only people who gain from this smoking business are the ones who run it, they make money out of the common people, but why should we let them do that?
    no to be honest I do get upset at the lives of the have nots. I m lucky but there for the grace of god that could be me. There are a lot of injustices in this world and I put a lot of it at americas door
    Yep - too many reported posts, flames and trolls, and I don't have the time to go through and moderate it. There is another thread on the same topic in ID section. Use that for continued discussion that is on topic and civil.
    Nahh nothing much - bas cut rahi hai zindagi kissi tarha. Anyways Singapore mein kya karte ho aap.
    Watt lol arre cypher bhai mujh jaissa nanha munha innocent sa baccha kisski watt lagaega
    Anyways you accepted my freind request should that mean apne mujhe maaf kar diya??
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