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  • well there are not many in pakistan who openly appreciate someone , however ive found many great people on pdf over the years
    -- continued from below--

    we also have bad press about being rebels and not really state friendly. the Brists played a big part in this image and some of our leaders adopted it as an honour just like the American black community has adopted the word nigger. And the South Asian youths also call each other Pakis, although both nigger & **** were coined by white racists as an expression of their hatred & degradation of these ethnicities.

    ok later some other time not here--
    History of Baloch Regiment dates back to the time of British Raj and even before them upto Chakir e Azam
    I understand what you are saying. Nazis were 10% of Germany but were the loudest & most organised and their voice became voice of Germany and voice of Majority hence Nazi Germany. BLA represents one sub-section of Bughti and some Marri tribal elders that have been part of govt setup & have been extorting money from local and fed govt. their main objection started when state started building infrastructure & showed the people under then that there was a world beyond the domain of the sardar, thats where the problems started and became nationalistic
    almost same amount of Baloch reside in Sindh and Punjab as much as in Balochistan (by baloch I mean Marri, Mengal and Bughti otherwise Zardari is also originally a Baloch migrant living in Sindh. REST SOME other time.

    -- continued--
    we Baloch are very skeptic and xenophobes about strangers, but we are good hosts like our neighbours are
    and we dont make friends that easy but give life for friends and those who betray us.. well we follow then for thousands of miles and dont forget ever :) so watch my six but no touching ok? I hope you understand
    listen Mur'a
    its nice knowing you but lets stay on topic on threads we can tease and joke but not 80% of the times on all threads :)
    my singing is better. thats not my picture thats our sergeant RP
    I have hynotic beard and tash and a sun burnt skin like many Balochis
    Im ok on the vocab part.. what bothers me is the writing thing.. being in R&D has had me lose what was once a strong forte of mine.
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