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  • Can you run away from a family marriage ?? especially when everybody in the neighborhood knows you?
    its simple, the haqqani folks are our boys... plain and simple. they were our ace of clubs at the afghan endgame twenty years ago. What our brilliant establishment did not bank on was the Taliban..
    we than got the haqqani to get koochie koo with the taliban with a help from the wahabbis..
    the result of that is for all to see.
    I doubt the yanks will be taken on, too much at stake..plus most of our top leadership(including that of the military) is addicted to the free dollar..
    What possible "actual" gain did Pakistan have while initiating 65 and Kargil? None..
    But my countrymen rarely plan for the long term.
    Yeah well, our countrymen cant resist.. I attribute it documented cases of this region having smaller "you know whats" generally than the rest of the world.. the result is very low self esteem.
    Yes and NO.. I gave the explanation in the thread.
    but as an analogy.. You build a machine, you know you know exactly how it works.. you know how to shut it down.. But there is always the other guy who has been using it for a while.. and ends up teaching the creator a few tricks of his own.
    Only do this in my spare time.. or if I am working at the office and some program is compiling.. or going through debug..
    Currently though.. I am on paid vacation :P
    Well I intend to register in 5 days.. selecting an appropriate date which allows me to meet application deadlines and still prepare the bets.
    Currently going slow.. Still havent really gotten down to it apart from a bit of vocab.
    I prefer flesh and blood.. like my cat.. who is about to be hit with a pillow if he does not leave my Latte alone.
    One of these days, I will stop thinking of using a fake high school girlfriend a "getting over her" tool.
    you can support Ansar Barni, this is the guy who collected money in Pakistan to pay for hostages including Indians too
    his charity also looks after the rights of the Balochis and provides safe refuge for those who defy tribal laws against marrying with someone in rival tribes etc.
    other than that just post constructively and we will have good company
    well there are many things about us Baloch that I am not really proud of and cant discuss here. our tribal justice makes the taliban punishments look like child play
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