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    Topple Haseena.

    I read the title as Topless Haseena :bunny:
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    Pakistan Day Parade 2019

    Aljazeera's video quality was better
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    Pakistan Day Parade 2019

    It's started
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    I am Back after 7 Years

    Yeah i am more of a reader these days... too
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    U.S. Tells Germany to Drop Huawei or Face a Cut in Intelligence Sharing

    "Since there is no way to prove the absence of malicious code or vulnerabilities in any piece of hardware or software, ultimately one has to trust the manufacturer to keep devices secure and not exploit vulnerabilities. This trust heavily depends on the legal and regulatory system in which the...
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    JF-17 Thunder Multirole Fighter [Thread 7]

    Finally good video on JF17. Look at 1:48, 2:02, the backdrop help show speed and smoothness of flight. In this video the thrust to weight seems very good. Is the video sped up? Do we have the HD version of this?
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    2nd pilot

    It is working, is your Gov filtering content now?
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    ''Bayghayrat'' Bharti on full steam

    Sacked for downing f16 :o::o: If really they shot our F16, they would have promoted him
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    Bhartis Bow Your Heads in shame

    India!!! If your pressure was so significant you could have got kalboshan. Respect and try to understand the line between goodwill gesture and so called pressure.
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    Attempted IAF incursion - A Failed operation

    The attached video is of #PakistanAirForce exercise from 2017 and #Indian media started using #PAF video!!! Salute to #PAF for being awake at 3 am to thwart the #IAF #FakeSurgicalStrike2 . https://www.globalvillagespace.com/indian-media-uses-fake-video-of-iaf-incursion-in-pakistan/
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    Dealing with Trojans, Key loggers & other web threats Not covered by Anti Virus

    If you look into the logs of malwarebyte it will show the source application i think. It seems like this is either a chrome extension or an application is trying to access the IP via chrome. Doesn't seem overly offensive trojan.
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    Countering high-tech edge of IAF

    The bottom line is, we have always responded to indian arm race in a calculated manner. So impose what you want.. US is preparing you fight their war against China