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    India to deploy five regiments of Russian-made S-400 air defense missile systems by 2023

    Well, few swarm of kamakazi drones and S400 goes in to spin. End of.
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    :: Pakistan Air Force vids - Edited on Adobe Premiere ::

    forget Indians, they are going to get a trashing soon, they know they are caught now and are in doldrums. No wonder their defence spending has gone to the roof. Trying to buy their way out of troubles they know they are in.
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    BrahMos Storage Complex Under Construction in Halwara

    That's why I always say on this forum, it is pointless to discuss buying of any particular weapon, radar, missile or jet. All Pakistanis should focus more on the politics of their country. That would cause more damage or security to their nation than a particular weapon system, which may provide...
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    PAF J10CP - will perform flypast on 23rd March , 2022 l Shaikh Rasheed Ahmed

    If he said "nuff said" , why are you insisting for him to say any further. He kinda already given his mind. :cheesy: :cheesy:
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    Manohar Lal Khattar on Gurgaon dispute: ‘Offering namaz in open will not be tolerated’

    Stuff it mate, who has the hatred in their hearts the world is gradually wakening to it. Even now if they don't they are going to witness a massive massacre. Nope, when your nightmare is over.
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    Rana Shamim signed affidavit in Nawaz’s office, reveals notary

    I sensed something is seriously wrong as soon as Ansar published the affidavit of Js Shamim. I tweeted him why he didn't mention the name of the serving Justice of Islamabad High Court when it was mentioned in the original affidavit signed by the Judge!! Ansar knew or got legal advice...
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    future Hope, Junaid safdar nawaz join politics

    Yeah sure, when people have your mentality to support criminals, then anything is possible in the mad country. You are out of your depth to support and defend these crooks, I am certain of it. Probably you don't realise but it is treachery to your country, if you support people willingly and...
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    Justice Shamim Signed the Affidavt in Nawaz's office

    The journalist Irfan Hashmi has revealed that he has evidence that Justice Rana Shamim (Rtd) signed his affidavit against Ex CJ of Supreme Court of Pakistan, Saqib Nisar in the presence of Nawaz Sharif in his office. It is the latest attempt by Sharifs to "Pervert the Course of Justice" and...
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    future Hope, Junaid safdar nawaz join politics

    Are you for real!! Really Really!! Young blood , trained by the crooks, is as bad as the crooks who trained him. The corruption is running in his blood. A dirty blooded person is a criminal by nature and by up bringing. If you are personalities worshiper you should keep it to yourself. Don't...
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    Manohar Lal Khattar on Gurgaon dispute: ‘Offering namaz in open will not be tolerated’

    India has to go back to what it was, small independent states , for the sake of humanity. Otherwise these hateful dirty men would create a mess whole humanity had to clean. India is already on last stages of genocide. When the world would wake up to this reality !!
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    Defence Min Rajnath Singh Warns Pakistan; 'India Will Cross Border & Attack If Provoked'

    After Bipin's sad demise, plenty of free chaddis available now. :cheesy::cheesy:
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    Is this true. This is frightening.

    Why China has a major responsibility!! Is it someone else's responsibility to clean up your mess!! The famous saying of an American " Pakistanis would sell their mothers for dollars". You should make those sell outs responsible , not another country. Pakistani media generally is sell out...
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    Defence Min Rajnath Singh Warns Pakistan; 'India Will Cross Border & Attack If Provoked'

    Indians should not be spared at any occasion, period. That's why I was not pleased that Pakistan didn't hit them hard in their response of airstrike. Pakistan should have shoot down all their 9 locked jets. And in response to their bombing of Pakistani area, the military installations on...
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    2,750 people have more wealth than half the planet, the poorest 50% of Americans possess less wealth than the poorest half of China's citizens

    This report proved that there is more poverty in India compared to Pakistan. I have repeatedly written that comparing purely the Per Capita GDP is very misleading without looking at different factors like local purchasing power parity and also distribution of income. On distribution of Income...
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    Chinese TV interview : "India claims to carry out "surgical strikes" on PLA and China recently, We PLA dare them!"

    Indians and their Sir-G-Kal Strikes. The world is coming to terms with these hallow claims, with no physical proofs. But then Indian's psyche doesn't requires proofs from their politicians and military. As for Sir-G-Kal strikes, Bipin is sick of it. He says "I do strikes everyday in my...

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