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Aug 21, 2011
    1. prtikul
      Thanks for reply, I dont have asthama. It is common problem which spread via people to people contact. Do you understand marathi? I know it would foolish for you to give medicines without checking patient.
      I just wanted to get any quick solution as MD doctor I have visited yesterday gave me azitop-250 and eyedrop and recommended to visit eye specialist. Just curious to know do you this diesease that called dole yene in Marathi.
      Where you have completed MD? What are chances for you to start private practice after some years? Best of luck for job searching ,you will definately get it. Have you considered option to become medical officer?
    2. prtikul
      Hello doctor,do you know any medicine for red eyes(dole yene as they call it in marathi) it is really irritating me from last 2 days.
      Have you got job? I think being MD there are lots of oppurtunities for earning nice bucks in future.
    3. TaimiKhan
      Thanks a lot, Eid Mubarik to you also.
    4. graphican
      That was between a time range of 7pm to 9pm. What time is it there in India?
    5. graphican
      Hay Eid Mubarik to you and everybody there.. :) Have a great day today and every day after that.
    6. graphican
      Hii.. its good Alhamdolillah. How's it going for you?
    7. TaimiKhan
      Good to hear that, well am a banker by profession.
    8. Spring Onion
      Spring Onion
      wow jee. good. KMC (Khyber Medical college) is indeed having good infra nice outlook and above all fit bachyan hehehe lolzz
    9. !!craft!!
    10. Spring Onion
      Spring Onion
      Hi. Ramadan is going great by grace of God/Allah. When it wasnt started we here in Peshawar one of the hottest regions, were worried thinking how will it be passing but as they say Roza sabar wala hota ha :) it teaches us patience .

      How you and which state you are from of India
    11. gowthamraj
      Oh, it sound great brother. Then i think today there is a mega demand for medicine related field
    12. TaimiKhan
      Hi, well its going fine for now, last 3 days have been pretty hot, but one way or another time goes by. Long day, long fasting day :)
    13. Imran Khan
      Imran Khan
      nhi bhai yahaan koi problim nhi halake humara home town sindh river se sirf 15km door hai.
    14. Break the Silence
      Break the Silence
      am doing gud bro, just looking ahead for my new assignment at job.
    15. gowthamraj
      I am doing clg . And living in parents expenses man. What you doing and where you from
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