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    India may surpass Germany to become fourth-largest economy in 2026: UK's CEBR

    Post the quote. I have never read anyone saying that China is number one. You are a liar.
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    China slammed over program that ‘appoints’ men to sleep with Uighur women

    Mod, please ban this fake news thread.
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    Tejas Mark 1A to be superior to PAF’s F-16 blk 52 and JF-17 blk 3: ADA Chief

    Your inside knowledge is indeed impressive. :sarcastic:
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    How China Stole an Entire Airplane

    America surely excels at fiction writing.
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    Australia must respect China if relations are to improve: Chinese envoy

    Yeah you sure are free to be a paranoid sociopath who lives in a China threat hallucination 24/7. Excellent.
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    India Lockdown, CAB Protesters Detained, Internet Cut Off

    Correction: more than any other country.
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    Support Indian Muslims !!!!

    You are absolutely right, and we are not killing all Uighurs. We kill terrorists and some happen to be Uighurs.
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    Support Indian Muslims !!!!

    We kill terrorists, Uighur or not, Chinese or not.
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    Support Indian Muslims !!!!

    Look, you Turks hate everybody who is not a Turk. We get it. You support these Uighurs not because they are Muslim, but mostly because you hate China and you think that the Uighurs are sort of related to Turks. Too bad that it won't work. The Ottoman Empire is never coming back and your...
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    Modi’s surgical strike on Muslims puts India at war with itself

    This kind of crap is exactly what India needs when its economy is growing at a glorious 4.5%. Amateurs. India was a geographic concept until the British colonized it. The independence did not address the issue of unity among various ethnic groups. When the economy grew at 8%, those issues...
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    Huawei Mate 30 Pro launches officially and without Google in Switzerland

    This is my personal opinion: I think Google is about to be finished in the 5G era. 5G is about internet of things. The relationship between phones and other devices, such as appliances, and even cars, is about to fundamentally change. Smart phones as we know today will assume a very...
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    The Australian : The Rise and Rise of India as an Economic Powerhouse

    It amazes me that Indians still believe in protectionism. It was market reform that enabled India to grow fast originally. To grow further India needs deeper reform to open the market more. Instead, India chooses to erect trade barriers and shut itself out. Protectionism does not work, never...
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    RCEP will be signed in 2020 without India. The largest trading bloc is here.

    Trade deals are not entirely about import/export. They facilitate process, standards, rules, market access, which attracts investment. When you have a framework in place with streamlined processes, it would make it a lot easier to invest and manufacture. I have not read the detailed RCEP...
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    RCEP will be signed in 2020 without India. The largest trading bloc is here.

    Simple. Some countries, such as Japan and Vietnam pushed hard for India to join. Naturally, Pakistan was excluded to appease India. Now that India is out, the window of opportunity has opened for Pakistan.